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Hello world!

May 31, 2009

Hello World!

I finally decided to start blogging again after years of being dormant from my virtual world diary for years.

Topics which I want to include here would be running, photography and of course, my family. I am not an expert on all topics (yes, even with my family ;))but I will try my best to share with the Internet readers of the world my very limited knowledge on each.

So, let’s begin the sharing šŸ™‚

I started to have an interest in running during my primary school days. We would have mini-olympics and I would always choose running segments. Of course, I would also end up dancing although I was never good at it. When I was younger, I lived in a small city in Pangasinan called Dagupan. My dad died when I was just a year old and was buried in the cemetery behind our house (Eternal Gardens) so I grew up hanging out in that cemetery. There I would roller skate, ride my BMX bike and of course go running with my yaya who would just watch as I do my thing. I started young around 8 or 9. I was a tomboy who was very playful, very active. Eternal Gardens was my park and playground. Growing up, my Mommy Nena enrolled my sister and I in ballet. I loved it šŸ™‚ I would spend hours in practice and even did solos for our choreographer during events. However, it was during this time that I began to feel my knees weakening. Eventually I had to give up all my sports even ballet. At the same time, we also moved to Manila to be with our Mom. Occupied by academics, friends, gimmick and actually having a life, I forgot my passion for sports including running. The most active activity I had was drinking šŸ™‚ I was still a tomboy at heart so I would hang out with my uncles, doing what they would do and they became my role models. My Tito Jombet taught me how to shoot a pistol, ride a big bike and the Filipino martial art, Arnis.

Since Tito Jombet was an avid mountaineer, I also wanted to be like him. So I decided to join the UST Mountaineers. Joining the mountaineers wasn’t easy. We had to train at least 2x a week. Run at least 8x around the soccer field and attend regular meetings. My schedule almost did not permit this as I was a 1st or 2nd year in Rehab Medicine taking up Physical Therapy which is one of the toughest courses in UST. However, I was able to pull it through. I was finally able to join after I have trained hard enough and after having been able to run around the UST soccer field 12x. I was finally ready for my 1st climb!

My 1st climb was one I would never forget. Not only was it my 1st time, but it was also one of the most difficult scenarios I found myself in. Mt. Makulot was the 1st mountain we had to conquer. It normally is not a tough climb. BUT on the day of our initiation, there was a storm and the rain continued to pour. We had to endure the climb, the mud, the cold, cold rain. Everything was WET! Even the insides of our tent was wet! On top of that, my left knee decided that it was the proper place and time to act up! It was a good thing that Tito Jombet came with us. He was able to help me pitch my tent properly and gave me a dry sleeping bag. Going down Makulot was the hardest thing I had to do. My knee was so painful that I could barely walk much less scale down a mountain. A week after that, I learned that I had Chondromalacia Patella (softening of the patella). There goes my dream to be a great mountaineer and runner šŸ™‚

Fast forward, 10 years. I have 3 kids, a loving husband and have gained at least 30 pounds (accuracy is in question :)). My husband Noy has taken running as his fitness regime. I initially opted to try yoga and aerobics. Yoga, as expected, improved my posture and flexibility. Aerobics, interesting at 1st, was not challenging enough for me nor it provides me the motivation to work harder. I decided to try running again and committed to stop if and when I felt pain on my knees. The result three (3) months later = running addict Gail. I have rediscovered the love, the passion for the sport of running. Running makes me feel alive! It makes me feel free! At 1st I felt a mild pain on my left knee. I decided to take it easy…running 1.5km, walking another 1.5km…running to 2km until eventually, I am running 5kms easily without any pain on my knee, only in my shins…sometimes. With the encouragement of my Tita Tiffin and Tito Mark, running is now part of my life. I run whenever I get the chance to. I even join races now. I never would have thought that I would wake up at 430am just to run in a race. It used to sound like too much work for me. But now, this is my life. I prefer to run than to drink after work, we used to call this…one for the road sessions, and I used to do this every single day. Now I am looking forward to my thrice a week running for my the road sessions…who knows, maybe one day this would be a daily thing šŸ˜‰

Til next time…running addict Gail signing off.


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