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Adizero, Nike+, Google Knowing All

June 28, 2009
Nike+ on Adizero and Air Alaris 2

Nike+ on Adizero and Air Alaris 2

I’m an avid Internet surfer. Anything and everything about an interest of mine, I always Google. My ex-officemates and I have a motto…”Google knows all”. So if I have a How to?, Where to?, What to do? etal, I always go to Google to search for a solution.

I owned 1 pair of rubber shoes before I started running. It was an Adidas Eva which I bought from Singapore. I used this for my aero sessions. However, I knew I needed new shoes when I decided to seriously pursue running. I turned to Google to help me choose a good pair of Adidas rubber shoes. Yes., it had to be Adidas. Hubby and I have an affinity towards this brand. I bought him an Adizero Mana limited ed and he loved it. I decided on an Adizero Ace after all the good reviews I saw on the web and the price points it offered. The fit was great! I had fun running with it and I actually did not get shin splints! I figured that these were caused by my old shoes and improper running posture.

Being the Internet geek that I am, I had to continue surfing for some gadgets that could help me in my running. Since I am an iPod user (I’ve had 3 different iPods every since I started using these), it made sense for me to try the Nike+ iPod sensor. The problem was I didn’t have a pair of Nike+ shoes 😦 So off to the net again and to the mall to quickly buy me a pair of those good looking Nike+ shoes. I am absolutely a fan of Adidas. However, I couldn’t find a way to have both the technology that Nike+ was providing using my Adidas shoes. I got myself a Nike Air Alaris 2. Seemed like a good pair of shoes plus it was also on sale 🙂 Now for the test run. I actually had fun with it. The Nike+ technology and concept was great! It provides you audio feedback on your pace, how much distance you’ve ran and how much more you have to run to complete your chosen distance workout. You can choose between time-based, distance-based, calorie-based running workouts. It was a fun, fun gadget to have! However, when it comes to accuracy, nothing beats a GPS-based reader. I had to calibrate my Nike+ everytime I run. But for now, I am happy with this device and for me, it does serve it’s purpose. I get motivated to increase my pace. I am given feedback if I am nearing my end goal and most of all, it’s way cheaper than a GPS device. I bought mine for less than P800 from an apple distributor. What I steal! I even bought Noy a pair of Nike Span 5+ Bowerman Series so he too can enjoy the Nike+ technology.

I discovered too late that you can actually use Nike+ with a non-Nike+ shoes. Check out this link I was able to buy the Easyswitch Run Away in Epicenter Singapore for only SGD16. That’s about P520. Before I was able to test it, my Nike+ sensor just refused to work. I assumed that it’s because the batteries ran dry. I had to buy another sensor since there was no obvious way to change the battery. That’s one issue that Nike and Apple have to fix. Good thing Google knows all. I was able to search for a way to replace the battery of Nike+ sensor through this site What a relief that I don’t actually have to buy sensor after sensor. It’ll also help if you put your sensor on sleep if you’re not using it. Just press the small white button found on the back end of your sensor for 3 secs. To turn it back on, just press the same button once. Use a tip of a pen or any semi-sharp object to do this unless you have fingers tiny enough.

Keep on running!


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