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Running and Lola Lydia

July 2, 2009

My husband lost his maternal grandmother last Sunday. Although we were only related by affinity, I treated her like she was my own grandmother and I felt like she sincerely treated me like one of her own grandkids.

Lola has always been supportive of my running. Since I started to run in the compound, she was a witness to the beginning of my serious addiction to the sport. She would see my everyday passing by her house even as late as 10pm. After running, I would pass by to have a short conversation with her before I hit the showers. There were times I would hang out in her place, all geared up and ready to run but would be too engrossed in chatting with her that I would procrastinate running to another day. But she would have none of that 🙂 She would kick me out of her house and promise me to tell me her stories after my daily run. This quickly became a routine to both of us.

Unfortunately, I found myself looking for another venue for my running since compound running wasn’t fueling my addiction and I became hungry for a more challenging environment. I then started running in UP, Ultra (outside and on the track) and Fort Bonifacio. These new running venues satisfied my need to provide myself different courses to try and improve my pace in different scenarios. However, I did miss chatting with Lola immediately after or before running. I still continued to visit her as soon as I get home from training but she would almost always be sound asleep and although she would always tell me to wake her up, I knew she needed to rest so I rarely trouble her with my visits.

I would truly miss all the encouraging words that Lola has shared with me. She would always say that she’s proud of me for trying to stay healthy 🙂 Lola…we will truly miss you! I will always think of you and your encouraging words whenever I hit the track…running.


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