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Globe Run for Home

July 20, 2009

Globe sponsored one of the most well-attended (meaning jam-packed) running events I have ever been to. Then again, this was only my 4th/5th race. There were approximately 6,000 runners who registered for the event. You can choose to run 3k, 5k, 10k and the most sought-after (but limited only to those brave enough) the 21k. The 21k allows you to run through the usual Buendia route (familiar to 10k runners) including Paseo and Ayala. In addition, if you join this race, you get to use a Champion Chip which is a mini transponder that acts like an RFID tag. It provides accurate feedback on when you crossed the starting line, when you hit the half-point and what your actual time was when you cross the finish line.

Being a newbie runner, I decided to run my usual 5k. Since I lacked sleep the night before, I decided to take it slow and just aim to beat my PR of 39 mins (buddy run). I wanted to shoot for at least a 32mins as this was my training record but once I got to Fort, I knew this was a lost cause.

The place was PACKED! Parking spaces were limited and the line to the restroom was LONG. Needing to do number 1, I missed the gun start. I didn’t mind though as I can expect an accurate time due to the use of the Champion Chip. When I finally got to the starting line, the 3k runners were already waiting for their gun start. I thought I had to rush to catch up but apparently due to the multitude of people who joined the 5k, it was so difficult to push your way through the crowd. I had a difficult time weaving through the crowd. Ended my run approximately 31-32mins. I will know on the 23rd.

Here are some tips I can share to help you run in “well-attended” races like this.

1. Observe proper running etiquette.

Slow runners/walkers stay on the right-most lane to make way for fast runners. I also have to note though that in reality, you should not expect all runners to observe proper running etiquette. Sad to say, most do not observe this. We are in an imperfect world. My suggestion for fast runners: make use of sidewalks instead, if available. If you’re having a hard time weaving through the crowd, run on the sidewalk and saying “excuse me” also helps. It reminds the other runners that there is such a thing as etiquette. For slow runners, get out of the way of fast runners. Try to stay on the right side of the road. Be aware of your surroundings to make sure you’re not pissing anyone by being insensitive.

2. Bring your own water/drink.

If you want to break your PR, do not stop at the water station as you will end up lining up for a drink. Yes, this happened in the Run for Home run. They say that you just need a hydration belt when you’re aiming to run 10k up but after this run, I beg to disagree.

3. Arrive early.

Arriving early has its benefits. You get to check where the restrooms are. You get to do your warm-ups and light stretching before the start of the race. And you get better parking space options.

Hope these help.

Keep running! No barriers…


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