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August 1, 2009
The Bund, Shanghai 2009

The Bund, Shanghai 2009

Have you ever wondered if your work was good enough? What do I mean by “good enough”. In my personal opinion, a good enough photo is one that tells the tale you want to share to your audience when you decided to take and share that photo. It is how you perceive the photo should be seen. If you are taking a picture that depicts a happy family and most of the people looking at that picture is convinced that it’s actually the opposite, then unfortunately, you have failed to share the tale of your photo. At least the correct one based on the author.

When I took up a Basic Photography class, I was scared as hell to show my photos to the class. I felt that I wasn’t a good enough photo story teller. (To top it off, my mentor Jo Avila was teasing the class that nobody’s picture was nice anyway. Funny, scary guy but is a really great teacher. Haha!) Then again, how will I ever be a good or maybe potentially a great photographer if I do not share and open my work to criticisms? How will I get the feedback I need to assess whether my photo was giving the correct impression or if it was telling the story which I wanted it to tell in the first place? There was no other way but to open my work to criticisms and feedback.

In this time and age, there is actually a great way to get feedback from a community of photographers. Join online photo contests 🙂 True, you can use Multiply or Facebook to share your photos to your family and friends but they probably won’t burst your bubble and they will most certainly be too easy on you. So my suggestion is to go join a shutterbug community. Share your work!

My personal favorite sites are Digital Photography School ( and Inspire (

Inspire is an all-contests photography site wherein you can vote for your favorite photos, provide feedback to the work of others, start a discussion and of course, submit your work as a contest entry and wait for valuable votes and more valuable feedback from the community.

DPS on the other hand, is an informal digital photography school which provides you tips and tricks on how to improve your composition, shooting techniques and other essential topics every photography enthusiasts should know. You also get to join forums wherein you get to submit pictures honed to the topics for the community to critique.

Both sites provides an avenue for all photographers to learn more about their passion.

Good luck and be a happy shutterbug! 🙂


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  1. How true Gailcons! You provide such a precise distinction between a work of art that speaks to it’s audience and another one that stays mute!

    And that is why, the best part for me the feedback, the opinions and comments I get on my work. I cherish them and I relish them for their objectivity, for helping me stay connected.

    A good suggestion you have here, I should take more time out and contribute and participate in photographic communities more actively. Thanks!

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks The Juicer. I am sure your expertise will be appreciated by the community. See you in the forums!

      Be a happy shutterbug! 🙂

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