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August 16, 2009
After the race

After the race

My 1st night race didn’t turn out as expected.

I was hoping to see the glow in the dark sticks and bibs brightening up the race path. However, I should’ve expected that the route will be a well-lit one and one should expect that the place would be filled with vehicles trying to pass, and they do have lights too.

I was also hoping that I would do better as I always train in the evening. However, this was not again the case. Anxious about last night’s run, I skipped dinner. I opted to eat AFTER the race. Knowing that the race will start later than the published time, I should’ve eaten at least a banana an hour before the race. Having nothing for dinner and barely anything for lunch, gave me lesser energy for the run. I felt really weak from the halfway point onwards. At the 4km mark, I had major side stitches in BOTH sides of my body. One is your usual right anteriolateral side and another in the posteriolateral section of my body. And this felt exceptionally painful that I actually had to stop and walk for a few seconds. Yes, walk…I actually walked during a race. One thing that I never, ever did no matter how tired I felt. My theory is that you lose momentum when you stop to walk and rest. Pushing your body to initiate a run from a walk actually spends more energy than than increasing your pace from a slow run to a faster run. One of the other reasons why I had to stop running was my number 3 hopeful expectation.

I was hoping that there would be lesser vehicles on the road. I was dead wrong. In fact, they seemed to be pretty pissed than vehicles we encounter during early morning races. They resorted to blaring their horns (very distracting to a runner trying to focus on the path ahead), revving their engines (which added to the smog which made me dizzy) and to actually trying to push their way through the crowd (which at one point I almost rammed into one vehicle as it “accidentally” moved forward from it’s position).

I was hoping to beat my PR. However, I am certain that I didn’t. Well, that will have to wait then 🙂

On each race I join, I always have a lesson to bring home.

I was hoping for a cool night. I was dead wrong again. It was really humid and hot. The race hasn’t even started, we were already perspiring.

1. Practice uphill climbs on each opportunity you can. Noy and I often practiced running uphill inside ULTRA, outside the oval. I benefited from this during last night’s uphill climb from McKinley hill. Too bad the blaring of the car horns distracted me from being focused enough to run faster.

2. Be mindful of your steps. I almost fell on running on this slanted slope that had a pothole. Thank God I didn’t have an embarrassing fall.

3. Eat SOMETHING two hours before the race for energy.

4. If you’ve donning a hydration belt, fill it with your favorite sports drink. Sometimes water is not enough.

5. Love every minute of your run. Enjoy the sites and have fun. I was too busy looking for Noy that I didn’t enjoy the run. We had a pact that we would finish together. But I lost him in the crowd.

Comparing this run to the Run for Home. I do prefer this than the latter. They had ample water stations, which didn’t matter to me since I had a hydration belt. It did matter to some of the runners 🙂 And these stations seemed more prepared than the Run for Home. No lines on water stations. I liked their route. It was more challenging than the Run for Home. They also had ample portalets with lesser lines. Plus they had giveaways and certificates 🙂

All in all, it was a fun run. I had fun running with my favorite running partner, hubby Noy. I had fun hanging out with the peeps. I had fun seeing the kids greet us after the race, they tagged along last night. I had fun seeing Tito Jombet start his 15k race. I had fun seeing Tita Tiff (tita sa pinsan, there Tita Tiff I mentioned it) and Tito Mark (tito by affinity) before and after the race. I had fun actually seeing Tito Mark running…FAST! 🙂 All in all, this night of hopeful anticipations was really worth experiencing 🙂

Until the next race! No barriers…


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  1. m8parco permalink

    Gail – Just enjoy your runs. Not every race is a PR race.

    I like you picture in Photovendo. Top view pa!

    Regards Mark

  2. gailcons permalink

    Thanks Tito Mark! May pinagmanahal ako…Tito Jombet and Tita Tiff. Hahaha! I kept on thinking during the run…this is only for fun…for fun…wait for Noy. It only worked halfway 😉

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