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My Affair with LSD

August 31, 2009
Short distance LSD?

Short distance LSD?

I would like to join a half marathon.

This is what I say when people ask me about my short term goals when it comes to running. Running, for me, is a long-term affair. It starts slow and when you get hooked, you cannot get enough of it.

I have been wanting to join my running peers on what they call an LSD (Long Slow Distance). But I always chicken out at the very last minute. Most of their LSD’s are a minimum of 20k and the farthest I have gone was 10k. I believe it takes patience, determination, strong legs and lungs to be able to run farther than 10k. Proper gear would also be ideal.

1. Wear comfortable clothes. It will be a LONG run so comfort should be your number 1 priority.

2. Chafing is a personal problem of mine, even if I’m just running a short 3k. Use products like Body Glide to avoid this.

3. Make sure you’re properly hydrated 48 hours before your LSD schedule. A hydration belt would come in handy. Fill it with your favorite sports drink. Sometimes, water might not be enough to replenish lost fluid and minerals.

4. Run with a group. I notice that some even have Ā a support vehicle to meet them in certain pit stops.

5. Plan your route. It helps you internalize and manage your expectations.

6. And last….have fun! šŸ™‚


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  1. m8parco permalink

    Gail – Take walking breaks during your long run. You are training your body to be on the move for 1.5- 2 hours. You can walk to reduce the strain on your body and still get all the benefits of a long run. I usually run in loops that start and end in the house. that way i don’t need to carry a hydration belt. I do a 10k loop that ends int eh house and hydrate then maybe do a 5K loop and maybe a couple of 2.5K loops that all start and end in the house.

    Good luck with LSD.

    • thanks for the tips šŸ™‚ lucky you live in a village. that’s one thing i miss about UP village. i can run around my place. too many vehicles in our place šŸ™‚ i met some of your friends this evening…jay from run radio and vimz. ran in ULTRA. so tired…

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