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September 20, 2009

I was so looking forward for this race. The singlet was very nice, the reg fee was cheap at P200, was a major partner turned organizer for this event and it will be held in McKinley Hill, should be a challenging course.

I woke up before the alarm clock went off at 430am. I wanted to leave the house at 515am as I knew that parking would be a problem. However, Noy is as usual very slow and had to do Number 2 twice. Sigh…We left the house at 525am instead. Still a good time as the gun start will be at 6am.

Upon reaching Lawton Ave., I already saw 21k runners, I was so excited. My last race was the Kenny Urbanite and that was more than a month ago. Upon reaching Mckinley Hill, the guard instructed us to make a U-Turn so we can park in the multi-level parking. However, Noy and I hesitated to make a U as there were runners on the opposite lane. I couldn’t bear the thought of stressing these runners out by forcing in our vehicle. We waited for the crowd to thin and probably lost 8mins. We finally made a U and were able to find our way to the parking area. Ken was already waiting for us in McDonald’s. Since it was his 1st race, he opted to wait for us instead of proceeding to the starting line. I was already dead worried that we would be late. While I was helping Ken with his bib, Noy suddenly disappeared again. He went to look for another toilet so he could do his Number 2 for the 3rd time. Sigh…sigh…sigh. By the time we reached the starting line, no one was there. The marshals were prompting us to push forward. Due to the confusion, I didn’t check the clock for my starting time, I also was not able to reset my Garmin even if I was able to start the timer. Another sigh…

Off we go…Ken and Noy went ahead as I was warming up. Finally, I was ready. I put on my race face, my earphones and cranked up the volume of my MP3 player. I wheezed pass Noy and Ken. I could hear Noy telling Ken…”ayun na…there she goes”. I pushed hard. My pace was at the range of 4-5/km. I wanted to push through the crowd of walkers so I can concentrate on my uphill climb. Maneuvering through the crowd was a bit difficult. We were at the tailend so most were already walking and occupying the whole lane. I had to say excuse me more than a dozen times while weaving through the crowd.

Since it was a short 5k run, I didn’t bring my hydration belt. I didn’t want to be laughed at by Tito Mark 🙂 Big mistake though, the 1st water station ran out of drinking water 😦 To think I slowed down and stopped to fill my cup with invisible water. No one mentioned that there was no more water until I asked. Oh well…move along…

I finally slowed down as I got to the bottom of Upper Mckinley as I did not want to waste my energy. Trudging up Mckinley Hill felt tolerable. The training done along St. Martin’s Hills really paid off. Upon reaching Lawton Ave., I already needed a drink (more of a sip). I recalled that there was a water station along Lawton as I saw earlier during the drive to the event. Knowing that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel (water, water, water), I relaxed my pace and enjoyed the easy run. I knew that whatever I do, I wouldn’t beat my PR any way. We were probably 7mins late. I saw Lorie, Shelly and some people from Happy Feet.

Finally, the water station…After taking 3 sips, I felt rejuvenated. I picked up my pace again until I hit the U-Turn. I saw Ken and Noy and screamed a GO GO chant to them. Well, my energy was zapped again after that 🙂 Haha!

Easy run back to McKinley Hill…I found myself along the downhill slope 400m from the finish line. I decided to experiment and use the technique that Ziggy taught us. Hey, cool…it worked! Pace was at 3:32/km! Wow…

Finally sighting the curve near the finish line, I began to sprint. Push, push…I kept on thinking. I could hear someone shouting my name…dang…that ruined my concentration. I turned to see who the culprit was. It was Tito Mark 🙂 I smiled and waved at him and sprinted again to the finish line. He did take a really cool picture of me though 😉

Gail sprinting to the finish line

Gail sprinting to the finish line

Noy also sprinting towards the finish line

Noy also sprinting towards the finish line

I did not know my time 😦 I could only guess it to be 32-34mins based on an estimate. I even forgot to spot the timer of my Garmin. Shucks! Note to self: no matter how high tech your gadget is, if you don’t know how to work it, it’ll never be helpful.

After the race, Noy and I volunteered to help Que in guiding runners to their specific lanes. It was a cool job as I have a close up view of the happy and contented faces of people finishing the race.

Done with volunteering, we hanged out with peeps, took pics and finally said our goodbyes. It was a great day indeed.

Gail with hardcore runners...Tiffin and Jinoe

Gail with hardcore runners...Tiffin and Jinoe


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  1. Congrats Gail! Next time, check the garmin agad! anyway, masasanay ka rin! o 10K na next race ah! 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      argo, di ko nga alam how to work my garmin 😦 wasn’t able to rest the timer so it still continued my time and info from thursday’s liempo run. hahaha! sigh…

  2. m8parco permalink

    Sorry po! Pero okay naman ang picture diba?

    • gailcons permalink

      the best tito mark ang picture! emo lang yung concentration part 😉 as if it’ll have any difference. hahaha! thanks!!! mwah!

  3. Hi Gail! Congrats on your race! Even I sometimes forget to stop my GF405 after crossing the finish line hehe.

    • gailcons permalink

      thanks dhenz 🙂 i forgot to reset the time and stop it. hahaha! oh well, i better get used to it.

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