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QCIM My 1st 10k Race Experience

October 24, 2009
QCIM 10k

QCIM 10k

The New Balance Power Run was to be my 1st 10k race. I was a nervous wreck Friday before the race. However, Ondoy came to town Saturday and the race was postponed. What was suppose to be my 1st 10k race turned into a 12k trek-in-chest deep-water day saving my Lolo from his flooded house.

God must’ve liked what I did as he blessed hubby and I with free 10k registration for the QCIM c/o the Nike Running Clinic 🙂 Yehey! I will finally run my much anticipated 1st 10k race!

Since the QCIM had timing chips, I wasn’t worried about being late. However, being the OC person that I am, I still nagged Noy to hit the sack early so he can get up earlier than usual to do his 2x No. 2s.

Surprisingly, Noy woke up earlier than I did so he can eat a little something before preparing for the race. After all his rituals, we finally left the house still early at 5:05 and arrived at the venue at 5:18. This never happened before. Both of us were worried about parking but again we were surprised to find ample parking spaces quite near he starting line plus access to portalets that had really short lines. We made it in time to start the race very close to gun time. I was then thinking that God wants me to know that it’ll be ok and that He made sure that we will have fun during our 1st 10k 🙂

Noy and I ran with Tracy, a fellow peep, and her friend. Monster Tracy was pacing us so we ended running faster than I had anticipated. Noy got left behind even before we hit UP. I realized that the organizers changed the route. Instead of going inside UP, we were to run through Commonwealth Ave. I pass QC Circle and Commonwealth Ave almost everyday as I work along Commonwealth. Thought balloon: “I am actually running in the middle of Elliptical Ave AND Commonwealth…wow! This is soooo cool!!!”

Twenty mins into the race, I told Tracy to go ahead as I could see that she wanted to push further. I decided to keep my pace at 6:45. I saw Pepsi and Shel running with Craig and Justin Logan. Ran alongside Gerard for a time while chatting about how cool it was to run along Commonwealth. Then I saw Quennie and decided to run with her. Quennie wanted to run an easy pace of 7:00 to 7:30 which is perfect for me. We were chatting about the course which was suppose to be FLAT. It turned out to be challenging as it had multiple inclines. But it was manageable.

At the halfway point U-turn, we were surprised to see that there was no receiving mat for the timing chip. This means that any runner who decides to be a cheatah by making a U earlier than the halfway mark, can actually get away with it.

Heading back to QC Circle, we saw running couple Mark and Tiffin (Tito and Tita to me :)), hubby Noy and tons of runner friends. After 10 mins, running monster Tito Mark, zoomed passed us. After a while, Tita Tiff followed suit. I found out after the race that they were actually late for the gun start. Imagine, late na nga and they still managed to catch up with us! What a couple!

Km 8, I was surprised that I could still actually run. I took a few walk breaks so I can drink from my flasks but I didn’t feel tired and sore at all. Yes! I knew then that I can still finish strong. I decided to pick up the pace and run a bit faster.

At the QC Circle, after North Avenue, I was looking straight ahead anticipating to see the finish line but it was nowhere in sight. I knew I was approaching the end of the race as my Garmin indicated that I was 400m to 10k but where is the finish line? I then saw Lorie and Chelly and decided to catch up with them, slowed down my pace as we chatted a bit and then it hit me…I saw a huge sign saying “ALL RUNNER (left arrow)”. Oh wow, I realized that I made a mistake of assuming that the finish line would be the same as the starting line. I gave Lorie and Chelly the traditional “push, push” chant and I sprinted to finish my 1st 10k! Time in my Garmin: 1:09:48. I realized that I started it a few seconds after crossing the starting line as my chip time was 1:10:04.

I was ecstatic! I finished the race without any blisters, no dizziness, no soreness and no shortness of breath. I was thrilled! Finally my 1st 10k 🙂

The finish line wasn’t cramped. Runners were funneled into a small round about ending to a wide open space by the QC Monument. This was a great move by the organizers. Maynilad gave away free drinking water and again, short lines. There were free bottles of 100plus and even free granola bars plus a finisher certificate. Again, short lines. I LOVE this race!

After the race, I hanged out with friends from to take pictures and to congratulate everyone for a great race. I heard that pacers Neil, Running Diva Roselle, Dennis and Carina did a great job! Kudos to them. Argo ran a half mary even with a recent bout of Typhoid, Luis did a sub-2 on his 21k, Cess ran her 1st 21k, Tracy finished a strong 1:04, Pepsi broke her PR. I am most especially proud of hubby Noy, who finished his 1st 10k also. He vowed to only run one 10k race since they were giving out medals (New Balance) but it seems like this is the start of his 10k running addiction.

Noy QCIM 10k

Noy QCIM 10k

I said a short prayer after the race thanking God for giving me all the right signs, providing me and hubby with the energy and will to finish this race.

Rating: 9/10


1. Singlets and race kits were immediately released upon registration.

2. Route was fairly straightforward and not at all cramped.

3. Use of a timing chip.

4. Ample parking, ample portalets.

5. Freebies for 10k, 21k and 42k runners.

6. Quick race results release.


1. No receiving mat for timing chip on U-turn point. Runners can actually cheat by cutting short their run.

2. I heard that some hydration stations ran out of water.

To my next 10k, future half mary and beyond….

No barriers…


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  1. Congrats, Gail! Good run!

    • gailcons permalink

      thanks sir jesse 🙂 hope to see you in one of the races

  2. Nice to know that you too are running together… at happy kami na level na kayo! nice!

    • gailcons permalink

      thanks argo! 🙂 pero di pa rin level si hubby. he was 6 mins behind. hahaha! pero ok lang at least he did succeed in conquering his 1st 10k.

  3. Congratulations Gail and Noy! It starts with thinking about racing, and now you’ve recruited hubby to our beloved sport! Well done! Ayan na dyan nagsisimula yan… naiisip mo na ba si Mary? 😀

    • gailcons permalink

      dhenz, sino si mary? bloody mary? wahahaha! half pa lang at ayaw ko sa SIM kasi talagang i’ll see blood had i join the half there. hahaha!

  4. m8parco permalink

    you can proabably do the the 15K on January (mizuno) then the half marathon in Feb. (condura)

    tuloy tuloy na ito!!!!!

    • gailcons permalink

      tito mark! i’m really planning to join the half on Feb maybe a full if i’m crazy and brave enough like Cess of Takbo. hahaha! but it won’t probably happen. as for the mizuno in jan, i’m game! 🙂

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