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ADIDAS King of the Road: The Review

November 4, 2009

After race pic


No frills event. I woke up early as I wanted to be part of the 1st 100 who will be allowed to avail themselves of the 50% discount on the miAdidas shoes. Hubby and I went to Greenbelt with kids in tow. There was no line but they were taking forever to provide me the reg forms and accept my payment. It took me half an hour for the whole process. It seems forever if you have a screaming and hyper four-year old demanding for a toy. We were probably the 1st 20 who registered for KOTR that day.

Race Kit Claiming:

 Whoever attended the 1st day of the race kit claiming during the 1st Adidas Expo would know that it was a total disaster. ‘Nuf said.

 (PS Since the organizers gave me the wrong singlet size – Men’s Large, I had to go to their office and claim another size – Women’s Medium and they dutifully replaced it without any hassle.)

 Race Proper:

 Before the race

Noy and I were having second thoughts in joining the race. I was actually worried that it won’t be a pleasant experience just as what happened during the race kit claiming. However, being the addicted runners we are, we just cannot refuse a good morning run.

 We arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected as we though that the 10k gun time was at 530am but it was actually 6am. Great! Enough time to head to the toilet for a pre-race pee break. Three minutes to gun time, I started to feel the need to head back to the little girl’s room I decided against it as I knew that I would not be able to start on time. A marketing exec from Adidas was saying that this is by far the biggest race with over 7,800 registered racers. I wanted to tell her that this is due to the fab singlet they had. The crowd didn’t look 7k+.

 The regret

Countdown…5,4,3,2,1 and away we go. The start of any race is always exhilarating. I promised hubby that I would wait for him as I knew that a PR was not at all possible as there was no timing chip to measure accurate results and we started at the far end of the 10k racers.

 About 1km out, I had to really a major leak. (Regret! I should’ve done that before the start of the race!) I ran towards McDonald’s and did my deed. I was then left with a dilemma…should I wait for Noy who was in line or should I just run ahead? I decided to wait for him as I promised to stay with him all through out the race. On the Kalayaan flyover, I stopped to take photos of hubby on top of the flyover. The view was great! It was actually my 1st time to take this route as I am a new 10ker.

Noy enjoying the start of the flyover

Noy enjoying the start of the flyover

Noy happily running on top of the Kalayaan flyover 

Buendia, the sun was fast rising and it was getting really hot. I was parched and took frequent sips from my hydration flasks.

 Enjoying the run, I completely forgot about hubby (oh no…what happened to my promise?) I then slowed down to wait for him.

 Running back to Fort, we were side by side. Noy then decided to slow down and let me run ahead. The rising sun was hurting my eyes as I didn’t don my sunglasses. Drat! After the steep climb back on Kalayaan flyover, I saw fellow Happy Feet runner Vimz. I decided to run with her while chatting about life in the running world.

 There was a bit of a commotion that happened along the intersection of near Chowking. A Toyota Hiace van forced its way through traffic enforcers endangering the runners passing by. An obese Asian-looking passenger stepped down from the van and started screaming at the traffic cops and BGC security men. He was pointing his fingers and cussing at them. How rude! Tsk, tsk! I wanted to take a picture of him and post it on my site. If I was part of the traffic team, I would’ve slapped him a fine and a huge ticket.

 The finish

The finish was anti-climactic. Unlike the QCIM, there was a long line by the finish line. You literally had to stop due to the volume of people.

We hanged out with peeps, Lala, Shel, Mark, Que, Doc Pinks for a quick photo off then off to hoe we go.


Gatorade, bananas and a finisher’s certificate were given.

 Race results

Almost 2 weeks after race, results have not been announced yet.

Rating: 6/10


  1. Route was good. Challenging but pleasant.
  2. Bananas a plenty. Hydration was not a problem.
  3. Singlet was really nice.

Cons: Please improve!

  1. Race claiming was a DISASTER. Need I say more? This is like 2 thumbs down.
  2. No race results yet. (A big why?)
  3. Few portalets.

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