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Running for Justin and the Diva

November 17, 2009


November 8, Sunday, marked the day of the Philippine International Marathon, the largest organized race in the Philippines. I was due to run a full marathon. Yes, a full marathon…relay (gotcha! ). As part of Team Logan, we were to take turns pushing Justin Logan from the starting line to the finish line. It will be Justin’s 1st full marathon and we are all excited for him.

I teamed up with Timmy (the makulit….hahaha!!!), to take relay point 12 (km24) which happened to be in the corner of EDSA and Pioneer (Robinson’s Pioneer). We were scheduled to be there by 715am, the approximate time Justine will be arriving with his mom Michelle and the Takbo support team. Since the singlets were still not with us, we were supposed to don our singlets. I am a meticulous runner. I make sure that I prepare everything the night before to ensure that everything (except the race) is not on rush pace. While dressing up, I noticed that the Takbo singlet I prepared was my hubby’s. I desperately looked all over the room for my singlet but couldn’t find it. Timmy then texted me saying that Craig (Justin’s dad) was running faster than usual and he is expected earlier than scheduled. Panicked, I rummage for my next favorite running shirt, my iamninoy jersey. Noy and I hurried to leave.

We made it to the meeting place at 645am. Timmy arrived 8mins later. As we were waiting for the Team Logan to arrive, we saw friends who joined the full marathon, Running Diva Roselle with pacer Coach John, Sam the Running Ninja, Prince, Bald Runner etc. I was getting really excited to start our share of the relay.

Finally we saw the sizeable Team Logan approaching us. Our race begins.

Race proper

Pioneer street was a mostly uphills although the start was a steep incline downwards from EDSA to Legend Hotel. Timmy took hold of pushing Justin’s ride while I kept an eye on Justin to see if he was comfortable, if he needed anything or if we needed to slow down. Dhenz ran with us to ensure that Justin is safe from any vehicular traffic. It was a short, fast run for us before we handed Justin over to Pepsi and Marky. By this time I really needed to go to the little girl’s room. Since no establishments in the area seemed to be open, I pushed to run with the team down to Canley road and right to C5. Along C5, a nice guard let me use their building’s toilet. Finally, I am able to concentrate on enjoying my run.

Rushing to catch up with my team, I saw fellow runner, Mikko running for Team Lopa, along the C5 bridge. It was probably 830-9am by the time we reached Fort Bonifacio. The sun was emitting scorching heat. I was thinking if I should just let hubby pick me up in Fort as running in this intense heat was not my cup of tea. Then I remembered Carina telling me to meet them at the Buendia aid station. With the help of Pepsi and Marky, I decided to push on.

Running through Fort and up the Kalayaan flyover was uneventful. I remembered that I used to be intimidated by this 2k uphill-downhill stretch but I guess I was thinking more of the heat than the course. When we got to Buendia, I decided to run on the sidewalk as it provided a bit of shade. Finally making it to the aid station, we were greeted by loud cheers from the support team. I couldn’t recall everyone who was there. I could remember Luis holding pompoms (was that him), Carina, Gerard, someone handing me a banana. My memory fails me when I am this close to having a heatstroke. Pepsi poured water on my head and back to relieve me of the searing temperature. This was it…I made it to the aid station so what’s next? Do I push ahead or do I wait for hubby to pick me up? My thought balloon: Roxas was only a few kilometers away. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to run a few more kms. Okidoki then, I sent an SMS to hubby to tell him to pick me up at the Quirino Grandstand. This was it…bring it on…

Enjoying Makati

I never appreciated the stretched of Buendia as much as I did that morning. It was one of the most pleasant road runs I have experienced. Buendia was lined with trees. The road was well-maintained. My lower ex appreciated the run on the asphalt ground. There were very few vehicles crossing. It was a very pleasant experience. Almost surreal to seeing one of Makati’s busiest streets almost empty.

About halfway through the Buendia side of Makati, I saw Roselle and Coach John. Roselle’s lower extremities were cramping big time. I offered to stretch her legs to relieve the pain. I haven’t practiced my course since doing volunteer work back in 1997. As soon as I passed the Physical Therapy licensure exam, I concentrated on building a family and a life for my, back then-only child, Ben. But I guess when it’s needed, what they taught me during my 5 years stint in Rehab Sciences all came back to me. I used the contract-relax method of stretching to Roselle and it worked wonders. She was up and about in no time. As I promised the Diva, while pushing her to run her 1st FM, if ever she runs her 1st FM I will do 2 things for her…1. Lend her my Garmin 2. Be one of her support personnel. I now have the opportunity to do both 🙂

A Dilemma

Running along side Roselle, Coach John, Pepsi and Mark, we were now able to cross South Superhighway. A different scene welcomed us. There were no km markers, no direction signage, no aid station, no marshals and there were tons of vehicles on the road.  Sensing pollution on the air, I felt that my waterloo was nearing. I was tired, parched, sunburnt…the heat emanating  from the cemented road and the sun above plus vehicles buzzing their way through heavy traffic made me think if I should just quit. Besides, I did my part of the race, I said to myself. However, not the type to break promises, I trudged on as I was determined to see Roselle through her 1st FM.

A Run along Roxas Blvd

Finally! After running through traffic, getting almost hit by a CRV, not knowing where to go…we made it to Roxas Blvd. It should be a better run from hence onwards. The sun was high and the heat intensified. I always thought that running along Roxas would be pleasant. With the bay beside you, trees along the blvd, you would think that it would be an easy run. Not with this heat. Oh well…a few more kms to go.

The Finish

After passing Museo Pambata, Philippine Navy HQ, US Embassy…we were finally nearing our destination! We were all tired but we told Roselle that it’s important for her to finish strong. So even with blisters between my toes and tired legs, I pushed myself to run as to encourage our dearest Diva to finish strong.

Roselle finished her 1st Full Marathon in 5:27 if I am not mistaken. This marked the longest run I have ever done in my lifetime…19km. Not bad. Enough to know that I can go for my 1st half mary soon.

Congratulations to Justin and Roselle for their 1st Full Marathon! PIM Class Pic

No barriers…


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  1. Words are not enough how I really appreciated what you did. 😀 I didn’t even know until I’ve read your recap that it was already a hard run for you since you looked strong that day. Thank you so much Gail. As I have said before, you saved me that day. 😉 Thanks, too, for the Garmin. Mine will be arriving soon! Woot! Woot!

    • gailcons permalink

      A promise is a promise selle 🙂 I didn’t want to let our very dear, my idol, Running Diva, down 😉 Until your next FM! Will run with you on your last 21k. For your 1st half, I will support you riding a vehicle. Haha! Sorry di ko pa kaya pace mo.

  2. Nice gesture, Gail. Next time ikaw na ang susuportahan. 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Rico 🙂 I know you guys will do the same for anyone in our Takbo family. It’s great to be part of a community who looks after one another.

  3. jazzrunner permalink

    Excellent recap, Gail! Congratulations on your run! See you soon!

  4. m8parco permalink

    congaulations Gail!!

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