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Celebrating Celebrity Run

January 17, 2010

Another late blog…

Due to my hectic November/December schedule (and the persistent kulit of Noy to rest from every Sunday races), Noy and I opted to take a hiatus from my target of bi-weekly races. In fact our last race was a short 3k relay during Race and Shine. I wanted to join the Runnex Exec 10k run as my year-ender race but they moved it to next year. Since I wasn’t training for any major race (my mind wasnt’ made up yet on joining Condura’s 21k that time), my 3x weekly training became once a week. I would slack off and opted to go Christmas shopping or have dinner with friends. I guess Noy felt he had to stop me from spending too much that he actually convinced me to sign us up for the Celebrity Run and chose 10k. I didn’t hesitate to sign us up as I wanted to take Max (my Red Nike LunarGlide) on his 1st road race.

Race day

As always (more than usual), hubby was extremely SLOW in preparing to leave for the race. Since we were running the 10k, I believed we had to be there by 530am. I believe we got there 545am. Much to my delight, the race has not started 🙂 After a short warm up, I weaved through the crowd of 5k runners waiting for their turn behind the 10k group. Hubby wanted to take it slow so unlike most of the races where I opted to wait for him during the 1st half, I told him that I will run ahead and just see him in the finish line. I wanted to see how fast I can run with Max. I secretly wanted to target a sub-60 (yeah right!). And I secretly wanted to be in Argo’s deathlist (wahahaha…this I am certain I won’t achieve).

Race Proper

Since we were late, I had to start at the back on the 10k runners. As soon as I cross the starting line, I began to increase my pace. If I wanted to hit sub-60, I need to keep my pace at 5:30m/k during the 1st 5k. I was aiming for a positive split. I seem to be more exhausted during negative splits.  The run from BHS to Mckinley Hill was a familiar one. BHS and McKinley Hills are my regular training/playground together with peeps. I was comfortable with my speed until the U-Turn in Lawton and down to McKinley Hills…and that’s when i felt it. My left knee was in pain. I had been suffering from Patellofemoral syndrome (Runner’s Knee) since I was 16. I hadn’t experienced this problem since I started to run but then again, I never ran full speed on downhill courses as I knew that I would regret it. Listening to my body, I decided to slow down. I will not let a past condition go from bad to worse. Sub-60 can wait when the terrain is flat 🙂 Hehe!

Running uphill back to BHS from the Mckinley Hills-C5 U-turn, I noticed that most of the runners have a colored blue string bracelet. I looked at mine and I realized that I only had brown and green (if I remembered correctly). Drat! Did I just miss the marshall giving away the bracelets? Is that for 10k or possibly for the 21k runners? I slowed down to walk and looked around for friendly faces to ask where they got their blue tags from. Finally a friendly face! Rico (aka Sheerwill) passed by and after asking him where he got his blue tag, he told me from the Mckinley Hills-C5 U-turn.  Ack! I had a dilemma…Should I turn around and go back? Or do I just run ahead? I was walking now worried…thinking…I know deep down that I followed the route, I didn’t cheat but I was concerned about what would other people say, they might think I cut corners…what do I do? Thankfully I overheard some people saying that there was just 1 marshall handing the blue tags, she ran out and left to get more. I decided to not go back. I though to myself hey, it wasn’t your fault they ran out of tags. I was behind schedule. I told myself that I would be lucky if I beat my previous 10k PR of 1:10.

Nelly and Kelly Rowland's Dilemma

I was already near NBC tent when it started to rain. I kept on thinking about Max. I didn’t want him to get wet. Max was an early Christmas present from my younger sister. She just started working as a GP in some hospital as she just graduated from med school and just passed the boards as well. With her hard-earned money, she bought Max for me as she knew I had been wanting to buy a pair of Lunar Glides since forever. I needed to finish the race so I can get to a shelter for Max. I pushed hard and finally reached the finish line. I looked at my Garmin and was pleasantly surprised to see a 1:03 time for my Celebrity Run 10k (official time was 1:04). Yahoo! I didn’t get my secret sub-60 goal but I did break my PR.

Post Race

After saying hi to my friends and taking photos with Ronnie Rickets, I decided to look for a tarp I can use to shield Max from the rain (Yes, Max was still top of mind). I was contemplating on going to the car but I had to see Noy finish the race. Finally, hubby arrived and was happy to have broken his PR too. So proud of him! I am sure he would even do better had the terrain been flat.

We bid our farewells to our friends and headed home. We wanted to have breakfast with the kids. It was a happy day 😀

Noy and I Post Race Pic

Noy and Ronnie Rickets

Tracy and I

Thank you Doc Marvs for the pics.


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  1. Hehehe! Saw it Gail!

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