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Cruising for Bruising

January 17, 2010


Come to me and cry

I know, I know, I know it’s not easy

Your heart is aching

But so is mine,

How can I tell you


For so long, so long, so long,

I’ve been thinking

Now I know

I can’t live a lie

They say true love lasts forever

If we want it

There will be waiting

A second chance

Baby but now we need time

Time to learn

Time to understand

Where we went wrong

‘Cause I feel so strong

We are cruising for bruising

My Baby


I must let you go

Don’t stop, don’t stop

’cause it’s better now

When I still love you

Don’t say goodbye

So bye for now, don’t let it die

’cause we can try some other time

No this isn’t about Basia’s song, but I do love to blog about it 🙂

I did it! I signed up for my 1st 21k half marathon! The event shall be Condura’s Run for Dolphins Feb 7 Race. I need to start my serious training stat! Problem: Business travels for me start early every year and normally lasts until mid year, tapers on the last weeks of Q3. And this year, it starts with a 6-day Asian Cruise, an incentive for our valued partners. Photographer, Babysitter Gail signing in. With only less than 6 weeks before race day, I wondered how I can squeeze my exercise regimen during this trip.

Upper Deck (Deck 10)

Yey! A jogging path!

Jan 9, we left Manila early to fly to Singapore. Was able to board Legend of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) past 1pm. I was famished and the lunch buffet was sumptuous. I gave in…ate as much as I can and promised that I will burn what I ate in the gym. I had hoped that the ship had a jogging path (most do) where I can run as to not interrupt my training. As soon as we finished lunch, we checked out our statesrooms, dropped off our stuff, freshened up and explored the ship. I headed directly to the upper decks where the pool was to see if where I can run. Thankfully, the ship had a jogging path on the upper deck! 😀 It measured about 400m per lap (4 laps was equivalent to 1 mile). I promised myself I will run 1st thing tomorrow morning.

Jan 10 (Sunday)

Running on board

Running on board

I woke up 630am and got ready for my morning run. I was so excited to run onboard a moving ship. Upon reaching the upper deck, I realized that it was still dark and the deck was wet. I was worried that I might slipped while running and injure myself then I noticed that I wasn’t alone. There were 2 early morning runners and they looked hard core 😀

Surprisingly, even if the deck was wet, it wasn’t slippery at all. I enjoyed the relaxing pace. My Garmin’s GPS was screwed up of course. I was on a moving ship. It would’ve been a great thought if my pace was indeed 1.3m/km and I did 24k in about 30mins+. Haha!

After 5k or so, I had to stop as I needed to do my morning duties (eg plan for today’s schedule etc). The sun was already up and it was a beautiful day. I woke up my girls/kiddies (people who I babysat), set their schedules and decided to run a bit again before breakfast. Ivy took my picture during my 2nd run.

Jan 11 (Mon) No runs for me. We had to wake up early as we headed to Phuket.

Jan 12 (Tues) Managed to squeeze a 2k+ run. Was exhausted from the night before and had to leave the ship for Langkawi at 815am 😦 Wall-climbed.

If you can't run, wall climb!

Jan 13 (Wed) No runs. Disembarked for KL. Went to the sauna, swam and wall-climbed. on board 😀

Jan 14 (Thurs) Departing at 8am for Singapore. Departed for Manila by 5:30pm.

Great…now I am totally screwed. Condura’s only 3 weeks away and this has been my lousiest training history since I started running. Well, tomorrow’s another day. Time to put training face, mind, body, soul and everything else to work. Wish me luck!


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  1. Wahahaha Gail. Palit muna tayo ng work para maka train ka!
    Love what you’re doing.

    • gailcons permalink

      haha! hirap ng work ko ‘no? 🙂 hehehe! will rachel run HM condura? i’m looking for a running buddy there 🙂

  2. m8parco permalink

    pareho kayo in tita Tiff. Try to squeeze in a 15K run and you should be okay for condura.

    • huhuhu! anxiety over my 1st 21k is giving me sleepless nights! waaaaa… i was dreaming of running through the skyway last night. haha!

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