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Supporting the Gods (of Craziness)…A BDM Supporter Recap

March 9, 2010

My first experience doing support for runners was one of the toughest experiences I had. Read it all in No sleep, lack of food, no immediate access to clean toilets, lack of water, fatigue were just a few things I had to go through during the BDM Simulation Run. So when I was asked if I can do the real thing, I naturally said…YES! 🙂

Planning, Pre-departure

I was asked by Abby to be on of her support crew. Since I didn’t want to spend a weekend without hubby (and I needed someone to drive as well ;-)) I asked (more of begged) Noy to come along.

Abby’s support crew

Noy and Gail – Ultra drivers

Carina – Race Director

Julie – Entertainment Head

Joni – Nutritionist

Z – Photographer and cheerer

Pepsi – Asst Race Director (LOL)

After many planning sessions, we agreed that we would leave Manila on the morning of March 6, Saturday. The team initially wanted to leave 7am but Julie (Hotlegs runner) and I felt it was too early. I had a mini HS reunion Friday night so I knew that it will end early. We then agreed to leave at 9am.

After a series of unfortunates, (Thursday, my van didn’t want to cooperate; Friday, Julie learned that she had practice so she had to drop out; I had to move the scheduled departure to 10am as I needed to attend to some personal issues; supplies were stuck with Carina so we had to load everything in the van) we finally left for Bataan at 1045am.

Enroute to Bataan

EDSA traffic was BAD. It was barely moving from Ortigas to past Cubao. We got to Mcdo Munoz to pick up Joni and Abby past 11am, so much for being early.

The drive to Bataan was uneventful. It was a smooth ride with hubby behind the wheel. We got to Mariveles in no time. Noy and Abby rested while I dealt with some office/work drama that made Pepsi, Carina and Z irked as I was on the phone from 3pm to 530pm. We prepared some sandwiches, boiled eggs and bought some ice to make sure the drinks were cold. Carina, Joni and I even went to the local church to say a short prayer for our runners. I made sure I took a shower as I knew that it will be a LONG 24 hours without bathing.

Goofing around while waiting for the games to begin :)

Goofing around the resort


Let’s the games begin

Finally it as time to go. We left the resort at 9pm. There was a sharp decent going to km0. Noy was telling us the story of the Bataan Death March, how many soldiers died during this march. He’d tell Abby, imagine mo na lang na may mga hapon na simusunod sayo para mas bumilis ka tumakbo then he’d switch off his headlights so we would see how dark it was. Waaaaaahhhh! But then Noy would then tell Abby not to worry as we will be there the whole time. (But he does this AFTER he scared Abby half to death :)) Hahahaha!

Can you see the excitement in Abby's face?

We arrived at km0 at 930pm. The atmosphere was festive. Excitement was in the air. After a series of photo opps, we left to position ourselves at the km3 marker while waiting for the runners to start arriving.

Happy feet runners present at the BDM

By the starting line

Things people do when they're bored

At the km2 marker

Here they come. Whoa! They were fast. I expected to see runners saving their energy for the tough climb but no…they were all running fast. I guess they saw all the hapons behind them?

Running from ghosts =)

Look at the steep slope

The ascent was not terribly dark as the support crew made sure that they were not too far behind their runners. Our headlights gave them ample light to make sure none of them would get into an accident by falling off some ravine or getting hit by another vehicle. Our girl was doing fine.

Km 7 and beyond

After the steep uphill, we decided to wait for Abby every 2 kms to make sure we provide her proper hydration and nutrition. Noy had this grand plan of asking us to take a photo of him at each km marker, something that he took to heart until he got tired and sleepy.

Here goes Noy...

and yet again...

...and again...

...and again...

At around 1am, my eyes were getting tired. I had to remove my contacts soon and endure being “blind” for 4 hours until my eyes have rested enough to place my contacts again. Since I was virtually useless, I decided to get some sleep at 2am. At around 330am I got up as I needed to take a major toliet break. Since there were no restrooms open at this hour (Imagine, gasoline staions there close at 10pm!) I used Abby’s improvised balikbayan box portalet! Nice! Hahaha!

in dreamland...

Past 4am, we were already at the km32 marker waiting for Abby. They have been running for over 5 hours now. And I can feel that most of them are getting tired as my batteries are running low myself.

Pepsi waiting for our runner

I went back to sleep. Half awake, half asleep, I would hear Noy getting excited while he gets Pepsi or Carina to take his picture at each km marker he sees. I could hear Carina preparing Abby’s flask; Joni preparing Abby’s food. Z and I slept. Z had flu so she really needed rest.

no he's not part of our support crew...that's rodel taking a break 🙂

Finally it was time to wake up. It was already 6am (km 42) and I wanted to relieve Noy from his driving duties. But he declined saying that he still had energy for the drive.

Km 46, we saw Argo struggling to keep his pace. He told me that he was feeling a stabbing pain on the lower anterior medial portion of his right leg and upon examination; I saw that it was mildly swollen. Z and I decided to give his legs a massage to alleviate the pain. He told us that he had to finish the race as his dad was waiting for him at the finish line. (Argo’s father passed away, exactly 9 days prior to the BDM race day)

Caring for the Argonaut

At around 7am, Abby reached the halfway point marker, km 50. Instead of stopping to rest, she decided to continue to run. The support crew was (that means us :)) so we decided to do a short pit stop while cooking our runner’s food (Pancit Canton).

abby passing the km50 mark looking strong as ever

It was a HOT day the sun was up and was shining its bright and hot rays on our runners. At km52, Abby decided to change. But since she didn’t want to stop, she did this while walking. How did she do it? Find out below.

That's our girl!

Nice! Yan ang mobile dressing 🙂

We were at km56 by 8am. Abby told us to stay close as she was starting to get really tired from the sun. I was thinking to myself this terrain, this kind of heat and this experience was really something I don’t think I want to experience ever. But then again, that was what I said before I got hooked into running.

Km62 at 9:13am…Abby wasn’t smiling anymore. She requested us to stay within 200m. We started to provide her sponges dripped in ice cold water. We were running out of ice so we had to stop twice to buy more. Abby refused to eat. Good thing she was too tired to argue with Joni who fed her with GU, bananas and a tuna sandwich.

Abby looking really tired 😦

By 11am, Abby km 72 and was able to catch up with Luis. From km 72 to km 74, they were neck on neck. I can’t recall at what point did Abby lose Luis but beyond Km77, Abby was closing in on Argo. I was impressed with Rodel. He was in high spirits and even managed to run a bit under the hot, hot sun. Abby being such a girl felt that she needed to brush her teeth so right then and there while walking under the hot sun, she did just that.

Luis looking tired as well 😦

paparazzi shot

talk hygiene OC-ness =)

By km 79, Abby got her second wind. She was smiling again and was rocking to the tune of Sex Bomb (I wonder why she was so happy (wink*wink*).

happy abby

1:30pm, we were already at km85. Less than 20km to go! Abby wasn’t happy. Her second wind died down and she was just really tired. She was already walking most of the time at this point. I told Noy to take a break and let me do the driving. He agreed on the condition that we continue taking pictures of his precious km markers. Lol!

unhappy abby 😦

Km88, Abby didn’t feel good wearing a wet shirt so she decided to change again.

At km94, Noy got up resumed his km marker picture taking activity. It was 3:13pm. We met up with Abby’s parents at km95. They were so excited for Abby. You can see that her parents, especially Abby’s dad, were so proud of their little girl.

yehey for Abby's parents!

4:19pm, we finally reached the km100 marker! Only 2 more kms to go and a lot of time to spare before the 5:30pm cut-off. By 4:23pm Abby was crossing the Welcome to San Fernando sign. Somewhere between km markers, we got lost. We wanted to buy some peach mango pie form Jollibee for Abby so she has something to eat upon reaching the finish line. However, we found ourselves in this really narrow street and we lost way. Good thing hubby was there to save the day using his GPS, direction finding skills; we found our way back to Abby. By the time we go to her, she had overtaken Argo and a bunch of other runners. Hurrying much?

At 4:43pm, our “chicken” (Noy coined this as an alternative to Manok =)) crossed the finish line! She ended her 1st ultramarathon by bagging the most coveted 69th place award (bagay Abby! Hehe)

Abby crossing the finish line...she still managed to jump a bit 🙂

Four minutes behind Abby, our dear Rodel/Argo crossed the finish line carrying his dad’s photo. Awwww…that was so sweet!

Doc Art crossed the finish line at an amazing time of 4:51pm! Wow!

Luis crossed the finish line at exactly 5pm. So proud of you mayor GBM! 😉

Mark Herz crossed the finish line at 5:03pm.

Sam the Running Ninja at 5:09pm.

Rod Apolinario right behind at 5:09pm as well.

Doc T at 5:10pm. (According to Doc T, dami na humahabol sa kanya while they were running. I told him that maybe people thought he was Bong Revilla. Yun pala Bong Revillame. Hahaha!)

Coach Poj/Mar crossed the finish line at 5:19pm. Go Coach!!!

To the rest of the BDM Ultramarathon participants, you guys are the bomb…the true Gods of craziness! Congratulations to all of you! Hats off!

To all the support crew, our job was tough but seeing our runners cross the finish line made it all worth it! Cheers! class pic...some runners were too tired to stand up to pose by the finish line...LOL!

Keep on running! No barriers…

Thank you to my co-ultra supporters Carina, Z, Joni, Pepsi and to my loving hubby/driver (LOL!) Noy…you guys are the best! Mwahhhh!


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  1. Hi Gail,

    Thanks for including me on te recap. Actually I really don’t want to be outran by abby when I passed her, but hell, my tummy’s in hell and i need to let it out or else….

    Seriously, I am impressed also by your patience, supporting the group is indeeda sincere effort making me proud of you as well.

    Thank you very much!!!! Power Hug!

    • gailcons permalink

      Haha! I know the feeling Argo! I am soooo proud of you for accomplishing what I perceive to be something I cannot (or would not want) to do. Big HUG!

  2. sunburn permalink

    YessseR! hehehe.. Good read. See you at TBR Dream Marathon Gail. – Joni

    • gailcons permalink

      Joni!!! YessssSerrrrrr 🙂 LOL! It was great working alongside of you. I was with Carina last night and we were telling Marvs and Raffy how Abby ate whatever you gave her while dissing our food offers. LOL! I wanted to post your kawawa pic lying down on the balikbayan box on the side of the road but decided against it. hahaha! See ya soon!

  3. eto pala ang storya! hehehe… pero mas maganda kapag live story telling with actions pa! hahaha! 😀

    • gailcons permalink

      wahahaha! di ko na nga nilagay yung kwento namin ni Carins last night. masyado ng mahaba 🙂 but that would’ve been a good story to tell. LOL!

  4. That was a great recap Gail! You’re one of what we can call ultra-support (halimaw level support hehe) and it shows with the great performance your runners achieved. We just love you guys! Thank you sooo much! xoxo 😀

    • gailcons permalink

      Hey 0% fat God Dhenz! Big hug! Happy to serve 😉
      Z is planning a business = ULTRA Support Crew for Hire. “We will support you to the ultramate level” this is my proposed tagline. Oks ba?

  5. Haha that was a good read Gail, enjoyed it 🙂 Hay, such a tremendous experience, mixed emotions and all. Thanks so much for all the support, it meant a lot to us 😀 HOY!! Paparazzi shot!!!!!!

    • gailcons permalink

      LOL! I have more paparazzi shots but it’s just so hard to upload too many pictures. Wait for the full album over FB or Multiply 😉 Hahaha! Seriously, so proud of you Luis! You guys rock! I don’t think I can ever do what you guys did 🙂 Although our “chicken” did beat you 😉 Girl (+1 guy) power! *peace*

  6. UPinai permalink

    Wow, what a recap…

    I am not a runner but I might as well be one since my house mate (Marga)is so obsessed with it. She was making calls the whole day and I actually felt that I knew some of the people you mentioned.

    I have so much respect for you guys for your dedication, passion, and discipline.

    Keep it up! 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      Hi Jeni, are you with our Margalicious in Japan? We miss her terribly! Thanks for your kind words. I suggest you stick close to Marga and run with her. You’ll also get hooked 😉

  7. m8parco permalink

    Gail – Noy should have worn his WW2 uniform para authentic!

    Regards Mark

    • gailcons permalink

      Hay naku! He had it all prepared but decided to leave it at the very last minute coz I was in a hurry daw =) He moves so slow naman kasi =)

  8. hay naku laos your entertainment head. depressed that day haha! so so sorry I wasn’t able to make it but I was praying for all the runners and support team all day. still kicking myself for not being able to go =(

    • gailcons permalink

      awww…that’s ok 🙂 it’s understandable. don’t worry, we have plenty stories to tell when we see each other. you might get kabag sa kakatawa sa kwentos. haha! see you soon!

  9. nice!!! i added you na to my blogroll ultradriver hihihi alam mo kinikilig ako sa inyo ni noy, promise! hugs hugs

    • gailcons permalink

      kapitana the hottie! naks! hahaha! wear your pink shorts lagi ha? 🙂 next time sama ka sa girl support namin. LOL!

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