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Two runs and an Easter Holiday

April 8, 2010

Noy and I would normally stay in the city during the Easter holiday. Hubby is a very traditional guy. He believes in staying home and following the traditions he was accustomed to. I personally enjoy Maundy Thursday as this is the day we do Visita Iglesia. I love church hopping! Entering new churches, observing people doing the same thing, it gives me a sense of solitude, being one with God and reliving what He died for and how much He had to sacrifice for us.

The Resurrection

Maundy Thursday

Washing of the Feet

And as every Maundy Thursday I was excited. However, the excitement was not just because of experiencing my traditional Visita Iglesia but also joining my first ever LSD! Happy Feet organized a Long, Slow, Distance run to Antipolo Church which was approximately 17kms. Although I’ve ran more than this distance, I still considered this my 1st LSD outside of a race event. I’ve never been to the Antipolo church so I was doubly excited to do this.

We started inside Bo. Kapitolyo, a subdivision in Pasig with very hilly terrain. We consisted of Sir Mon, Ka Totoy, Sir Jesse, james and Macky. Our run started with a short warm up still inside Kapitolyo. It was a long uphill climb towards Shaw Blvd. Now that’s how to get your heart pumping =)

The group ran along C5 and right along Ortigas Ave Ext. We were to meet Bobby by the intersection of Imelda Ave and Ortigas Ext (more commonly called–Junction). He then led us towards Valley Golf where we would pass going to the church.

Inside Valley Golf (or a subdivision beside/inside Valley Golf) we started to climb uphill towards Hinulugang Taktak. Sir Jesse was a bit tired so I stayed behind to accompany him. Eventually, we reached the Antipolo church. It was exactly 17kms based on my Garmin. Ka Totoy registered 19k as he kept on going back and forth for us. Haha!  It was a great Thursday indeed!


Easter Sunday

Easter 🙂

I thank God for this day. This is the day that the Lord has made! He has risen and saved us all. Plus this is the day that I will be running my longest ever distance.

Before this day, my farthest distance was 22k. It was during Globe’s Run for Home which my Garmin registered an excess do 1k from 21k. Since it was a training run, I didn’t mind the extra distance.

5am was the time the LSD around Ortigas Center and towards UP but we ended up starting at 530am.  There was about 24 of us.

From Tiendesitas, we ran towards Meralco Ave and up St. Martin’s. The steady incline along J.Vargas was a challenge to me. All the more St. Martin’s hill! It was a good thing that my body was still used to hills from my long run last Sunday and last Thursday.

Steep Hills

Did you ever have that nagging feeling, unsure whether you were able to lock the door of your car…well, that feeling stuck to me all the way to St. Matin’s so instead of going straight to Temple drive, I had to run all the way back to Tiendesitas to check out on my car which was locked in the first place! Well, better safe than sorry.

I hurried towards Temple drive passing through Ortigas. Thankfully I was able to catch up with them. From White Plains we ran all the way to UP taking 2 or I think 3 breaks in between 🙂

UP was a great break from the heat. There were TONS of people. Running, biking, leisurely lying on the grass, having picnic. Amazing! I remember seeing the Metro empty during Holy Week. I guess they were all in UP! 🙂

We took a break and ate some “sopas” and “lugaw”. Another first for me. eating in the middle of  run. Do it the team CB way I guess. Lol!

The sun was up and HOT when we went our way back to Tiendesitas.  We ran through Katipunan race pace wanting to reach the intersection of Aurora and Katipunan as far as we can for some shade! By the time we reached the end of Katipunan (intersection Santolan), I was tired. My girls, Julie and Tere felt the same.  The lateral portion of my knee was so painful that I could barely walk without limping. To make it worse, I felt this nagging pain on the posterior portion of my hamstrings. Arriving in White Plains we decided to just walk all the way back to Tiendesitas.

It was scorching HOT but we enjoyed the long walk, chatting about where we will have early lunch (yes, LUNCH not Breakfast). We ended the morning, having a meal in Jollibee after almost 4 hours of run/walk. It was a fun, fun Easter celebration.

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. LSD/Heat training! Haha! I enjoyed it though. Especially that time we saw Zorro! hahaha!

    • gailcons permalink

      Hahaha! I purposely didn’t blog about our Zorro experience as I wanted you to be the one to blog about your unfortunate incident with Zorro. I can’t stop laughing just thinking about it! Hahaha!

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