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My Accidental Semi-Bandit Run

April 27, 2010
I’ve never been a bandit runner. It’s not that I don’t want to try to be one but it’s more of I never had to become one.
During the last VSO Kabahagi Run Presscon, we were given free registration and kits to join the fun run. I quickly registered for a 10k, excited to try to beat my PR. However, during the Mizuno IR10 run, I found myself sprinting the last 80-100m to the finish wanting to feel my heart pumping hard and feel the adrenaline rushing through my body and the result was a week-long hiatus from running due to an knee injury.
I didn’t welcome the rest as I was training for my first full marathon which happens on May 22. So I did what any smart trainee would do, stop joining races and concentrate on training runs. My VSO race kit was given away to another runner friend who wanted run that morning.
25k Training
Noy and I agreed on a route that will take us from our place to Fort Bonifacio, Makati and back home to Mandaluyong. The distance was approximately 25k. Just a perfect distance for our training long run.
We were both tired from the previous day’s activities as we attended my company’s Summer Outing in Batangas. However, training day is training day and it was imperative for us to run that morning.
We woke up at 345am only to leave the house close to 5am.  We both felt sluggish and really slow. I dreaded the heat and the pollution that will greet us by the time we reached C5 so I just suggested that we drive to Fort Bonifacio and do our long run there. Noy agreed gladly.
Seeing Bonifacio High Street empty was a pleasant surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever been to BHS this early except when there’s a race. We happily did our warm up run and discussed where we will go.
Our run started in BHS, going towards the IS side of BGC, exploring the newly constructed roads, through St. Lukes, Rizal Drive, Fifth Avenue and finally along Lawton. By this time I was running alone. I lost Noy somewhere along Rizal Drive. I quickly remembered that there was an ongoing race along Lawton, Bayani Road and Mckinley Hills. Deciding not to disrupt (as if I’m a source for disruption) I decided to run on the right side on the road.
I spotted a fellow runner, Mike aka Mykolant, running the race. As I was carefully crossing the street to enter Bayani road, a small scream left me as a motorcycle was close to bumping me. So stupid! He almost lost control of his bike.
I quickly said hi to Mike, told him that I was a bandit runner and went my way towards Heritage Park. Wow! I was actually an accidental bandit runner 🙂 I began to feel uncomfortable taking advantage of the security of the closed roads. I kept on justifying to myself that nothing was wrong with what I was doing. I didn’t get any of the free water and Pocari Sweat they were giving away even if it was being offered to me. But it didn’t make me feel any less uncomfortable. I then decided to give back something to the racers. I decided to motivate them. Each time I saw a female runner stopping to walk on an uphill slope, I motivate them by offering words of encouragement eg. Keep it up! You’re doing great! You can do it!….It was effective in fueling my drive as well as I found myself running at a 5:40 pace uphill! I had to slow down lest I get injured again but the feeling was exhilarating 🙂
At the top of Upper Mckinley Hill drive, I stopped to wait for hubby. He might make the mistake of running towards the finish line 😉
Noy slowed down on our way back to BHS so I slowed down as well.
We decided to call it a day when we reached our car as we were both worried about our youngest son, Chito. So after cooling down and stretching, we went home tired but happily filled with endorphins. We logged 15.7k instead of the 25k goal. Parent duty calls!
Until the next training run…

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  1. Hah! It was great to see you across the street, Gail! Stay healthy during your training! Good luck on your marathon dreams!

    • gailcons permalink

      Great to see me almost get bumped by that motorcycle! Lol! 🙂 See you again soon! Marathon training…gulp! Epic fail….

  2. m8parco permalink

    Bandit, tulisan, bandito, ληστής, שודד , bandiet, داړه مار, ซ่องโจร

    English, Cebuano, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, Pashto, Thai


    • gailcons permalink

      Waahhhh! Accidental nga eh! Lol! Miss you Tito Mark! How’s your recovery coming along?

  3. Argonaut permalink

    Hi Gail, 15K is still awesome ha! Kakatuwa naman ang story talagang accidental bandit, hehehe!!! At least you tried encouraging people, not to mention your improving!!!

    Good Luck sa Nuvali!

    At your back,

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Argow! 🙂 Bring in those long runs! As if! It’s just too hot to run under the sun. If we plan to do our Easter LSD route again, let’s start at 3am. Haha!

  4. Pogi (guess who) permalink

    Sarap mag-bandit. Libre takbo, libre tubig, gatorade, yelo, sponge, bannana etc etc. Sa uulitin

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