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To Dream the Impossible Dream

May 11, 2010

I have dreamt of running a full marathon ever since I was able to run my first half. I questioned myself if I would have the courage to even try to aim to run 42.192kms.

Then God provided me a venue. It so happened that Jaymie, the Bull Runner, was organizing a beginner’s dream marathon. After finding out the benefits she was providing her Dream marathoners, I was convinced and quickly signed up both hubby and I.

It’s less than 2 weeks to our first marathon. Am I ready? The answer to that is a huge NO.

I was religiously following a training program until BAM…I was stricken with patellar tendinitis and had to take a hiatus from running.  After more than a week, I was able to run again. But it wasn’t the same. Gone was my motivation. And the more I push myself out of the hole, the more I sank in.

It took me another week before I got my running mojo back. And by this time, I am unsure whether I can indeed grab that impossible dream of mine to finish a full marathon.

We will know by May 22…


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  1. Kaya mo yan Gail! 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      thanks suzi! i sure hope so. team CB unite! lol!

  2. digitaldash permalink

    I believe in you and Noy, Gail! 🙂
    Both of you shall conquer! 🙂 See you!

    • gailcons permalink

      Awww…thanks Tracy! I’m just following (trying to follow) your footsteps D

  3. Gail,

    You can reach your dream. We’ll be there too. The good thing with this race is that it doesn’t put pressure on you to finish within a 6-hr cut off time.

    See you there!

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Eric! Yes we can do it! 🙂 This is our quest…to follow the stars…no matter how hopeless…no matter how far 😉

  4. m8parco permalink

    Keep us posted and we hope you have a safe and happy 42K run.

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Tito Mark, Ta Tiff! Mwahhhhh! This run is for you! 😉

  5. Hi Gail, I’m chasing my mara dream in TBR DM, too. I’m sure you and your hubby will pull through. Fellow dreamers, charge!!! Hope to meet you at the race and the celebrations after… -Mariel 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      Hello co-dream marathoner! One more night sleep and another afternoon sleep and we’re there. I’m nervous as anything! Hope to see you there! 🙂 Thanks!

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