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Pushing It

June 2, 2010

Everything was a blur, the week following my first full “DREAM” marathon, I went on work mode. Back-to-back meetings plagued my week. It didn’t matter though as I was still on post marathon high.

My experience during the TBR marathon didn’t provide me with the usual aches and pains I would feel after running a 10k/21k race. I guess this was the reason that I completely forgot to do my recovery run. It also slipped my mind that I had signed up for a Pikermi run on the Nature Valley fun run which happens the Sunday following my FM debut.

May 29, Sunday

Hubby didn’t register for the Nature Valley run so I had to go to the race site alone. I left the house at 4am to make sure that I get a good parking spot. I wasn’t really gung-ho in gunning for a PR but when I arrived, the excitement that filled the air was contagious. It made me want to achieve a sub-2:30 time.

As soon as the gun went off, I began my run to a sub-2:30 PR. Carlo decided to run/pace me. I set my time to do a 6:1 Galloway’s.

I ran. Ran like there was no tomorrow. I was enjoying myself immensely. Our goal was to run at a sub-7min/km pace and I believe during the 1st 5k, we easily achieved that. Even the Kalayaan flyover wasn’t able to dampen my spirit. I just ran on.

Then it hit me, my right ITB was screaming stop. I had to slow down on the way back to Fort. I told Carlo to go ahead but he patiently waited for me. I was in pain but I just shrugged it away and continued to run. I decided to take in my Hammergel in case I just needed an extra push. Unfortunately, the gel that I brought with me was my hubby’s Hammergel Espresso which contained caffeine. I don’t drink coffee or even soda because caffeine makes me feel weird. Lo and behold, after 5 mins I felt the palpitations.

By the time we got to Bayani Rd, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to take longer walk breaks. Carlo and Aaron had to run ahead. I felt really low. My spirit was broken. I pushed myself too hard and now I am broken. I still continued to trod on.

Another runner was encouraging me to run ahead. She was the same person who challenged me during the Book Run last year to push myself. I tried. But the fear of experiencing immense pain got the best of me. I decided to walk when I got to Lawton. By this time I had accepted that I would miss my sub-2:30 goal. I was aiming just to finish.

Thankfully, Jinoe came along. He was surprised to see me as he knew that I had just finished running a full mary barely a week ago. We chatted and did an easy run all the way back to BHS.

With less than 700m to go, Jinoe decided to run ahead. His reason: he didn’t want to miss out on the free Haagen-daz Ice Cream they were giving away. Haha! Little did he know that by walking/running with me, he uplifted my mood and my spirit 🙂 As soon as Jinoe left, I realized that he did have a point and hurried back to finish my run.

I crossed the finish line at 2:41 (gun time) 2:40 (chip time). I was surprised. I didn’t expect to beat my Condura time.

A heavy breakfast with my fave running couple, (Tito Mark and Tita Tiff) and a group of friends topped off my Sunday.

As soon as I got home, I looked at the data my Garmin logged for this run. We finished the 1st 9k in 58min. Best pace was 4:11k/min. What?! Something must’ve been awfully wrong with me that time. Was a high on something? Haha! What was I thinking? No wonder my body was breaking down. Haha!

Oh well…All’s well that end’s well! ;p


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  1. jazzrunner permalink

    4:11/km? That must have been the moment you took the Gel Espresso!:-) Still, a good finish time! Congrats, Gail!

    • gailcons permalink

      Haha! It must’ve lasted for less than 3 secs. Thanks Sir Rene!

  2. wow gail, 2:40ish is my average pikermi finish lol

  3. Uy sorry ha. Nanibabaw ang pagka ice cream monster ko. Nice running with you. 😀

    • gailcons permalink

      Haha! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thanks for keeping me company Jinoe! You uplifted my spirits! 🙂

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