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Beach Photography

June 21, 2010

I love beach outings! The sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, the touch of warm sand on your feet, the sight of beautiful sunsets…ahhhh…life.

We recently took a much needed break from the hustle of the city and headed to the beach. Our good friend, MM, invited us for a weekend at a borrowed home in Peninsula de Punta Fuego. A beach weekend was already a great treat, to be able to spend it with your family and close friends in a HUGE beach mansion is icing on the cake.

The house we stayed in had, I believe, 10 bedrooms and 13 toilet & bathrooms. It was a 3-storey house with its very own infinity pool and access to a private beach. The view on the 2nd flr balcony was amazing. Take out the camera!

I knew that every beach vacay was a photo opportunity as well so I brought along my tripod and extra batteries.

Some tips on how to take lovely beach pictures:

1. Bring your camera EVERYWHERE.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of bringing my DSLR everywhere I went for the fear of getting it wet. If you have the budget, invest on water-proof casing for your SLR. It will give you the opportunity to take great shots anywhere, anytime. For the budget-conscious, you may try to purchase an AQUAMATE Universal SLR Camera Waterproof Case It’s very cost-effective at P399 only.

I missed out on getting a shot at a great sunset because I didn’t have my camera with me. But I was able to take pretty good photos in times when I had it.

2. Do post processing work.

Don’t own a wide angle camera or lens? No problem. I suggest you take side by side photo of a particular landscape, load the photos in your computer and let photoshop help you piece it together to look like it was taken with a wide angle lens.

3. Avoid shooting in AUTO.

In auto function, you are letting the camera decide everything for you, even what object it wants to add focus. I was able to take a vibrant photo of a really beautiful sunset because I avoided the auto function. It allowed me full control of the camera.

4. Take A LOT of pictures.

Try the continuous/multiple shutter option when taking pictures of moving objects eg waves, jump shots etc. You can choose which one is best when you’re doing your post processing work.

5.  Children are great subjects. Take photos of them.

I love how kids playing in the beach touches the soul of every viewer. Children really bring out the smile in people.

When taking photos of children, literally go down to their level. Sit or kneel down on the ground.

Spontaneity is key. You want children to look natural.

6. Check the background.

This is my most common mistake. I take pictures without minding the background only to have a tree appear above my subject’s head after taking the picture.

Nice photo ruined by the candleholder cum horns ;p

7. Take a lot of candid shots.

My best shots were always candid ones. I keep an eye for opportunities to catch that candidness that I long for when taking photos of people.

“stolen” photo of M smiling for another camera

8. Look for a focal point.

Look for a point of interest or focal point when taking a photo. It will give the viewer of your picture a place to rest their eye on. Maybe it’s a child playing on the beach, the sun setting, crashing of waves on a rock, a sand castle.

9. B/W or Sepia?

Experiment during post processing turning your photo into sepia or black and white. You might be surprised by the results.

10. Have fun.

Have fun taking pictures (period) ;p


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  1. lovely permalink

    Is the aquamate universal dslr underwater really protects your camera?. Im hesitating to buy it due to its me, if you have use it. . 🙂

    • gailcons permalink

      Sorry I haven’t used it. But I do have friends who have tried it 🙂

  2. I tried the aquamate underwater for my dslr an it works..

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