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Hubby’s an Urbanathlete!

November 13, 2010

I am super proud of hubby, Noy, for finishing the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 10k! Sadly, I wasn’t able to join as I lost my race bib 😦 Actually I misplaced my free bib and hubby’s paid bib but a good samaritan by the name of Jet Paiso offered me his race bib. Thank you, thank you Jet!

I would have to give a 4/5 for the race based on hubby’s experience.


-Ample hydration stations

-Adequate marshalls

-Challenging but achievable obstacles

-Manageable crowd


-Long lines before the obstacles

-Late start


Hubby and I woke up at 345am. I wanted to be up early so I can prepare Noy’s stuff. I promised to take his photos and be his support during his 10k run. Nice…support for a 10k run? Isn’t that unheard of? 🙂

As soon as hubby got up, the first words that were out of his mouth were…”We have got to stop doing this!”…He hates waking up early as he loves sleeping late. Then again, after a few minutes he’s up and about, excited to run.

We easily got parking as soon as we got to BGC. Noy was part of the 2nd wave of 10k runners so he had to wait a bit before the start.

Race Proper

The first obstacle that the runners had to face was the tire dump. I had to stop myself from laughing at runners who fell, lost their shoe, lost their balance while traversing this obstacle. I felt so mean! Then my thoughts went to hubby. What if he falls over? I’m so sure that I would not be able to stop myself from ROFL.

Finally hubby arrives and there’s no action. He didn’t even trip a bit. Darn! Maybe on the next obstacle which is the balance beam.

Tire Dump before the Wall (I forgot to take photos at the beginning of the race)

As soon as the 2nd wave 10 runners got to the balance beam, lines started to form. Uhoh, this looks like a problem.

After another incident-free obstacle, I decided to just meet hubby by Every Nation. A few minutes and a few photos later, I headed back to Serendra where the low crawl obstacle would be. I already missed the scaffolding maze and hurdles, I didn’t want to miss the low crawl. However, one 10k runner had a mild chest pain so I had to assist and keep him company while waiting for the ambulance. I did declare myself to be a volunteer marshall anyway so why not play the role 🙂

The low crawl was one of my favorite obstacles to watch. I think it’s challenging for most women to get down on their tummies and crawl on a muddy surface. Kudos for those who were able to do it! 🙂 Hubby was a FAST crawler. He didn’t mind getting all dirty at all.

Go Hunny! 🙂

The last obstacle was the wall. Runners had to climb an 8-foot wall. Noy was worried about this. He wanted to chicken out but most of the people were doing it so he had to as well. Hubby finished in 1:44…a slow but surely finish 🙂

Long line before the wall

Up he goes!

And down he goes...

Happily finished his 1st urbanathlon 🙂

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon was a super fun race! 🙂 Hubby can’t wait for the next one.

After the race, we hanged out at the booth where we learned that Noelle (aka Kikayrunner) won 1st place in the women’s 10k. She finished the race under an hour (53mins I think). Imagine that! I can’t even do a sub-60mins on a regular 10k run! Congratulations Noelle!

Now this is where I shamelessly copy the press release that was sent to us 🙂

Urbanathletes take the challenge at the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010

Racers scaled an 8-foot wall, climbed hurdles, scrambled low crawls, dashed on balance beams, passed a scaffolding maze and hopped on tire dumps at the recently held Men’s Health Urbanathlon last November 7, 2010 at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City.

Over a thousand participants ran either a 5-km or a 10-km course in the city-based, multidisciplinary race, which claims to be the most demanding Urbanathlon to date!

Spotted running down the track were personalities like QTV X-Life hosts Gino De La Peña and JC Tiuseco, QTV Ang Pinaka host Rovilson Fernandez, RunnerSpeak host and blogger Noelle De Guzman, GMA reporters Nelson Canlas, Steve Dailisan, Julius Segovia, Dani Tingcungco, Mariz Umali, Raffy Tima and Kara David, Jam 88.3 deejay Hilary Isaac, and Magic 89.9 deejays Tony Toni Bueno, Sam YG and Slick Rick.

Hosted by Magic 89.9 deejay and UAAP sportscaster Boom Gonzalez, the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010 was made possible by official sports drink Gatorade, official food sponsor Century Tuna, major sponsors V+ Jeans, MSense, Sun Cellular, minor sponsor Lipout, official heart rate monitor Suunto, official gym partner 360° Fitness Club and registration partner R.O.X. Special thanks to radio partners Magic 89.9, Jam 88.3 and RX93.1. For race results, visit or

The November issue of Men’s Health features Chris Tiu on the cover is available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide. Become a fan on Facebook via and follow us on Twitter via

Chris Tiu, a great role model for my teeners!


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  1. wow! congrats noy!!! =)

  2. gailcons permalink

    thanks Julie! 🙂 it was a fun, fun course!

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