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My Personal Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Condura Skyway Marathon

January 1, 2011

Yeah, yeah! I know! I’ve dedicated 3 of my most recent posts to this race. What can I do? I am just really, really excited. Check out my top 5 reasons why you should really join this race.

1. You will have access to the SkyWay on foot.

This only happens once a year, unless you’re a construction or maintenance crew assigned in the SkyWay or a person with suicidal tendencies (LOL!), you won’t be able to run/walk on the SkyWay.

2. See the glorious sun rising from the east while on the SkyWay.

This was an amazing and surreal experience for me. I kinda didn’t regret that I’m a slow runner, finishing my 1st half marathon during Condura Run 2010 in 2hrs, 44mins. I would’ve missed this rare opportunity. I’m a sucker for sunset and sunrise moments ;p Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me 😦

3. The medal, the very fabulous medal.

This year all categories will have a finishers medal. I love this concept! This way, everyone will feel like a winner.

4. Rio dela Cruz

Whatever people say about how commercial Rio’s races are, I still admire this person’s attention to detail. Expect to run a hydration-filled race 🙂

5. Distances for all runners.

Condura Skyway Marathon has six (6), yes you read it right, 6 distance categories. A distance for each family member. There’s 3k, 5k, 10k, 16k, 21k and 42k. It brings together families as they strive to live a healthier life.

Do you agree with me? If yes, log on to and register now!


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  1. See you on the Skyway!

    (If you’re not time-conscious don’t forget the camera! :D)

    • gailcons permalink

      I wont forget it this year Dhenz! Well…..unless i want to beat my old time :p

  2. LOL I missed the sunrise last year. I’m planning to miss it again! 😀

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