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Healthy Dieting

January 17, 2011

When I was a kid, my body used to be stick & bones. I was a very picky eater and my metabolism can zap anything I ate as soon as it hits my stomach. However, everything changed as I went into adolescent. It started with a 4-month long vacation to the US. I felt like I could eat anything and everything I wanted. As my weight got was moving to the right of the scale, pound after pound, I felt proud that I was finally gaining a bit…no a whole lot, of weight. Looking back, I wished I had stopped myself from downing that baloney & mayo sandwich every night. Although the results were very surprising to most, I finally had a bit of meat to go with my stick & bones body.

Fast-forward to high school & college.
I wasn’t that thin and I wasn’t heavy either. But what was I thinking having a beer and tequila-fest almost every weekend. Calories galore!

Fast, fast-forward to a year ago.
There I was, unhappily shopping as no clothes would fit me. I would settle shopping for shoes and bags to make myself feel better. I then decided that I needed a healthy change. I needed to diet.

So what diet technique should I choose?
Tried Atkins. I think I enjoyed but my arteries didn’t. My cholesterol level was through the roof!

Tried South Beach. I loved it at the beginning but it was too difficult to follow. I didn’t have time to prepare my daily meals.

Tried abstinence from beef and pork. I think it did my body well. But the pounds were just not moving.

Then I finally tried, calorie counting.

With the help of an iPod Touch application called Tap & Track, I was able to monitor my calorie intake. I can basically eat what I want as long as I only consume a certain amount of calories a day. If I want to consume more food, I have to complement it with exercise which basically just gives me more calorie allowances.

Counting calories helped me be conscious of what I eat. It was the perfect diet technique for people like me who’s always on the go.

Twenty pounds later, I still wished I did not eat too much baloney & mayo sandwiches, still wished that I did not drink those bottles of gin and tequila, still wished that I preferred light beer over Pale Pilsen. But I am grateful that I have today and tomorrow to count those calories 🙂



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  1. love love love this entry 🙂 congwats!

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