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And 10 Pounds Later…

April 26, 2011

I’ve been off my game for months now. My last long run was the Condura Skyway Marathon (Half Marathon for me) last February and before that was a 24k run last December during the QCIM. I blame it on my eyes.

Yes, you read it right. My eyes.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 12 and contact lenses back in the 90s. When I got back from the US end of September, both my eyes was diagnosed to have Kerititis, inflammation of the corneas. This was probably the result of contact lens abuse. I would wear my lens for 14-16 hours straight which is a big no-no. Since I was traveling from state to state and had a hectic schedule, I pulled out the no choice card. My doctor told me to rest my eyes from contact lens for 2 weeks. After a month, my eyes were still rejecting my lenses and I ended up wearing spectacles most of the day.

This resulted in a tremendous drop in my running and exercise regimen. From my usual 3x a week training runs, I ran 3x a month. From my daily yoga workouts, I ended up doing it once a week. I tried to take up dancing and spinning even with my glasses on but it was still uncomfortable. I gained weight because of this.

Eventually, I had to resort to Laser Surgery to get my eyesight back.

Now, almost a week post-op, I now have 20/20 vision. Although I still cannot run, I should at least be 2 weeks post-op before trying, swim after a month, I know that I am back on the road to a better me…10 pounds later 🙂

See you at the finish line 😉


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  1. jazzrunner permalink

    Hope to see you soon running again, Gail…10 lbs lesser, i hope and that goes for me too!:-)

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Sir Rene. I really hope so too 🙂 I miss LSDs. I miss sweating it out, just me and the road and I do miss the company of my running buddies.

      You’re way too thin already! Hehe!

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