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Earth Day Run & Beyond

August 31, 2011


During one of our training runs, hubby surprised me by asking if I can register him for Earth Day Run. He has not joined a race since the Nightfest. I happily obliged and registered him for the 10k event. I wanted to join him but I was scheduled to do a recon run with running buddy turned coach, Maridol. A few days after, I changed my mind and decided to join him instead. My first choice was the 21k race but they ran out of kits so I registered for the same event as hubby, 10k.

I believe 10k is a perfect welcome back distance for Noy. We normally run this distance whenever we train together in Fort which, by the way, is turning out to be very enjoyable for the both of us. We’re back to our “run dates” and it’s as fun as I can remember it to be.

Race Day

My hubby got up at 330am. He actually woke up after his alarm rang. It was too damn early for me so I negotiated for a 415am wake up call from my kid’s nanny.

After some time, we were off to BGC. Hubby has a friend doing his first 10k so we walked around to look for him. Bumped into a few friends. So much has changed in the running scene. I barely know any of the runners anymore. New blood! šŸ™‚

Race Proper

Ran together with hubby and Doc Marvz. I saw Pepsi who I have not seen in a very long time! So happy to see her that we made beso while running. Haha! Noy saw Cary and Tris. It would be Cary’s 1st 10k. Yay! The run bug did it again!

I ran ahead as I found myself enjoying tremendously. I get to run on top of my favorite Kalayaan flyover. Another yay! On the way back, I found myself running out of gas. I decided to take a break and walk. I enjoyed seeing more runner friends who joined the 21k event. So that’s where they are…

I slowly jogged towards the finish line. I missed my last 10k time of 1:17 by one minute and finished in 1:18. Not bad considering I’m so out of training, out of shape and had 10 pounds more baggage. Yes, I gained 10 freaking pounds and I am still working my butt off trying toĀ incinerateĀ ’em.

Post Race

As I crossed the finish line, it dawned on to me that finishing a race is still the best feeling anyone can get. It doesn’t matter if I failed to achieve my time but the fact that I finished what I started still gives me a high that’s probably comparable to my son’s 20 kisses…ok probably only 10 kisses.

A few minutes after, Cary and Tris arrives then a minute or 2 after, hubby arrives. We capped off the morning by having breakfast with Z and Marvin at Mercato Centrale and getting drenched by passing rain. Haha! What a morning!

I give the race 4/5.


-Ample hydration stations with Pocari Sweat. Although I honestly didn’t have much use for these as I had my own hydration source.

-Not too many runners

-Marshalls were aplenty

-Free race belt!


-Shirt quality was poor

-Some say there were not enough road signs and no km markers (not really applicable to me as I found that it had enough)

-Giveaways were so-so. Then again, I joined not because of the giveaways.

-Fee was a bit too steep for my taste. Then again they did have a free race belt plus RFID tag.

‘Til my next race. XOXO Runner Girl ;p


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