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The Road To Our Ultra Debut

September 12, 2011

It’s less than a week until my first ultra marathon and I’m already a nervous wreck!

Everything doesn’t seem to be going as planned. Our family driver who we trained to support Noy and I on Saturday suddenly quit this morning. Counting the days made me realize that I my monthly visitor might pay a visit this weekend. Heaven forbid! In addition, I am nowhere near my target weight on D-Day. Crap!

On the brighter side of things, with the help of my brother-in-law-radiologist-to-be, Doc RJ, I was able to get an x-ray for both my shins. Both did not show any signs of being fractured! YES! I did find out the cause of the pain on my right heel and left ankle. Bony spurs have started to manifest and RJ said that it might cause some pain while running. I’m fine with that as long as I have Celebrex to counter the pain. I just cannot stand the thought of having a broken or fractured shin after running.

So, everything is almost set for our ultra debut. I just need to hit the grocery for the supplies plus buy Noy a pair of shades. I got his as I broke mine. Haha!

This is my checklist for the run. I’m sure an item or two slipped my mind. I already thought of one…My ever reliable Garmin! Need to edit. Oh and meds…Celebrex…Ok, I really need to edit the list.

Checklist T2N. Am I missing anything else?

Laziness has struck this ultra-runner wanna be and I don’t think I want to run anytime this week. I’ll just chill, sleep, eat, pray and dream of this day of madness.

Thank you to my Team CB Family for this banner! I ❤ You guys!


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