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Going the Distance, My First Ultramarathon Experience (Part 1)

September 24, 2011

Thursday September 15

Upon the advice of my doctor/brother-in-law, I rested my legs and avoided any strenuous form of activities that will strain my shins. Fine by me. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps, having a bout of PMS. Crap! Monthly visitor, why now?

Needing some pick me uppers, I booked hubby and I for a spa date in Tian Di Urban Spa in San Juan. I have read good reviews about this place and I look forward to experiencing this slice of heaven on earth.

Tian Di Urban Spa

We absolutely loved the place. The ambiance of the house, the massage itself and even the food was enjoyable. We plan to go back for a post-ultra treat.

Friday September 16

Oh what a crappy morning. My mood’s has gone from worse to worst! I found myself losing my patience with our family driver; getting pissed at Noy for not leaving any money for the driver’s parking and running late for an early morning meeting. To top it off, I have not finished doing grocery shopping for supplies for tomorrow’s event. Yikes! This will be a long day.

I had a full day meeting at work and was only able to get off at 530pm. I headed straight to the grocery to quickly grab supplies. I hit the sack as soon as I got home at 630pm. Unfortunately, I woke up at 830pm no longer feeling sleepy. It’s been 5 days since I have gotten a full night’s rest. Darn insomnia. I fixed my gear and that of hubby’s too. I decided to run with my trusted Nike Lunar Glides with my NB 1063’s as back up; my ever reliable 2XU tights which I plan to retire soon and a long sleeved dri-fit shirt which was a gift by a good friend exactly a year back. Wore it only once. Isn’t there a rule that I’m not suppose to wear anything new during a long distance race? Oh well…

I tried to get some sleep after packing but to no avail, I got out of bed after an hour, ate, took a shower and got ready to leave at 2am.

I will be running with hubby, of course, and a teammate from Happy Feet, James Rosca who I supposedly “coerced” into joining T2N when we bumped into each other in BHS during a training run. So not true!

Our group will be supported by Team CB teammates, Maridol Yabut and Wilnar Iglesia. Wilnar, an experienced ultramarathon runner having finished 1st during earlier this year’s BDM 160k race (you read it right…ONE HUNDRED SIXTY KILOMETERS), will be supporting moi. How cool is that?

Maridol was already in my place raring to leave. We left as soon as James arrived to meet up with Wilnar, who was out running at two in the morning. What the?….

Saturday September 17 

After a quick stop at Mercato in Fort, Maridol had to claim her Dream TBR Marathon certificate, we headed to Tagaytay.

We arrived Tagaytay at 330am. Still too early to be heading to the starting line, we hanged out in Jollibee to fuel up. I can already feel that this is going to be a long day. (How many times have I said this?)

Chilling in Jollibee Tagaytay

Thank you to my Team CB for this banner!

At the starting line, we greeted runner friends and acquaintances. Saw friends from all wishing me good luck. Friends from Team CB, Team Boring, came to give me a high five and a quick hug. I can feel the excitement in the air! I was getting excited myself. But I realized that my Garmin’s strap broke. Eeep! Another bad sign? I told myself that this will be over in 9 hours time. Eeep! 9 hours? What have I gotten myself into?

To be continued…


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