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A Different Kind of High

December 5, 2011

I have been running for over 2 years now and I have to admit that it gets a bit redundant and dreary sometimes. However, I find that inspiring other people adds spice to any activity you may engage in.

Running Running

It takes great pleasure to know that I have helped inspire over people to start running, to join races and to finish.

From good friends to former officemates, from hubby’s friends to my business partners, I continue to spread the good health benefits of running. Even regular runners like myself sometimes need pick me uppers!

Take the case of one of my good run buddies, Maridol. We joined a small, well-organized race in Greenhills called Greenfinity Run last week. She wasn’t feeling peachy that day so at the 3km mark, she wanted to quit. It was a 16k race. Now, I know her. I know for a fact that she will regret not finishing this race. It will eat her and cause undue stress. So I said no. She cannot quit and that I will run with her even if we have to walk all the way to the finish line.

I stayed with her, made her laugh, paced her (although I would sometimes run ahead just to challenge her which kinda worked), poured cold water on her and pushed her until she reached the finish line. I didn’t bother with my own time. I can run another 16k race anyway. And she finished the race. I think I was happier to know that I got her to cross that finish line.

Sometimes it’s good to experience a different kind of high when you help somebody achieve what they thought was an impossible task. It makes me feel more human…more myself.

Inspired by Friendship


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