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Mutli-sport Athlete Wanna Be

January 15, 2012

Yep! That’s me. I’m a wanna be triathlete. For sure I can run. Problem is I can’t bike nor can I swim.  I tried swimming first as I do love to do it liesurely. But competitive swimming is a totally different ball game. So for the longest time I wanted to buy a bike to try and re-learn how to ride one. But I just couldn’t justify to myself spending money to buy something that I wasn’t sure to use.

Twas a good thing that I was good last year because Santa gave me and hubby a pair of MTBs for Christmas! Sweet!

My Myka. I still need to provide her a name.

The last time I rode a bike was when I was 12. I remember my grandparents (God bless their soul) giving me my very own BMX bike. I was ecstatic! Until they put a side car on it to appease my sister who didn’t know how to ride a bike. Haha!

Noy and some friends took me to a short trail course in Camp Aguinaldo for my 1st ride. Not knowing what they meant by a trail course, lil old me agreed to join them. Oh my gulay! I was lucky to have finished the course alive! I fell about a dozen times, scratched my bike along with my ego. But I had fun and I am willing to do it again. God forbid that I don’t do a repeat performance falling in a ditch.

Part of the trail in Aguinaldo

Another portion

All bruised up but still in high spirits 🙂

I biked again the next day and the day after that. I’ve been addicted to it every since. Sure the fear is still there. It probably will take a while before it goes away but I must at least try.

I’m contemplating if I will join my 1st ever duathlon end of February. I hope I don’t chicken out. Let’s do this!

See you on the road, trail or wherever!



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