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An Afternoon with Piolo…And a Possible Morning with Him (SIGH…)

January 18, 2012

No this is not some page out of my dream but a real story. Although my dreams would really be worth living! :p

Piolo Pascual has a face that can launch a thousand panties, I meant a thousand ships. I have been a huge fan since his “I love you Piolo” commercial. So when I got an invite to attend the Timex Run presscon even at 230pm in the afternoon, I readily said YES!

Timing was perfect as I had a 30 minute open schedule between 3pm and 330pm. He’s not the only one with a full schedule 😉

As soon as I got there, I saw a glimpse of him and I’m telling you, the cameras do not give him justice. He’s even more handsome in person. (SIGH…)

These were the things I found out about him…

1. He runs in UP. Mostly at night.

2. He will be doing his 1st full marathon this year.

3. He finished his 21k, sub-2. AMAZING…

4. When he read all about people calling his 47 minute 10k finish “sub-piolo”, he was pressured.

5. His target time for his 1st full mary is about 4 hours. WOW!

I would give anything to run with him. Thing is, I most probably have the chance to do so when I register for the Timex Run.

So see you later, co-piolow fans! SIGH….Image






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