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July 16, 2013

After more than a year in hiatus, I declare that I am back!

What has changed during the past year and a half? A LOT!

I now have two kids in college.

Youngest in grade 2.

Became an entrepreneur, a consultant, a woman with many hats.

I have gained and lost…pounds.

I have joined a triathlon, duathlon

But the best change I can proudly claim — Helping my better half lose 25lbs in less than 6 months. Awesome!

 So going back to I am so back. 

I am back to running long distances. I am back to joining road races. I am back to basically…running. 

True, hubs and I had an on and off relationship with running for almost two years now. There was a time that we would run twice to thrice a week. Distances ranging from 5k to 15k (happened once). But there would also be times where we would not workout for a week or two. And every time we would run, the whole social networking community would know through my posts on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Last Sunday was an entirely different scenario though. It was the Runfest to celebrate their 5th year anniversary. This is one event that I will not miss. This is the community where I discovered my love for running. I made friends who inspired me to reach for the impossible ❤

My friend Queenie registered Noy and myself to the 21k event. However, a few days before the race, we were having 2nd thoughts. Come race day, we arrived in the event 10 minutes late. Fifteen minutes after the 21k gun time, Noy & I stood by the starting line contemplating whether we would try and play catch up. Hubs wanted to. I didn’t. Running 21k in my previous life was a piece of cake. Not trying to sound arrogant but it was something that we would do almost every weekend. However, after more than a year of not running, with only 5k, 8k training runs, I began to question whether I will survive this distance. Hubby on the other hand, ran 21k a few months back so he was more bullish than myself in pursuing this distance. I could have just chosen to run 10k and wait for him but I knew that my ego would not be able to take it so I made a choice to run with him.



Good warm up pace with hubby. I didn’t want to lose anymore time so I decided against stretching during the early part of the race. I love seeing Tay Rod, Mark Fer as marshalls. First 5k took us above the Kalayaan flyover. Oh I do miss running on top of this structure.



Increased my pace to play catch up with friends. Saw Atty Morgie, who was having a blast running on his birthday, Jet, Sir Rene, Mark Herz, Pepsi, Timmy. McCoy and Cindy were the marshall in this part of town.

Hubby was within sight, only a few meters behind.




Buendia flyer over going back to BGC has always been a challenge. Kept thinking to myself, it’s just like Mckinley Hill…you can do it. Still did not stop to walk. 

However, when we got to BGC (passed 12k marker), I felt faint and decided to walk and rest a bit. Ran again from 13k to 16k.


16k to finish

My initial thoughts were, hmmm…I wonder where the next 5k will be? BGC is my playground and I know that there was no way that they will achieve the 5k distance from S&R even if they take us to the ISM area. And then I saw this….another flyover? What in the world?! The route included running along the north bound lane flyover beside Market Market. I faint! Well I didn’t but I wanted to. So I walked instead. Walked from 17k with short bursts. 

I started to run 500m to the finish line. 



I wanted to cry as soon as I crossed the finish line. Roselle and Marga were there to give me my finisher’s medal. I stopped my Garmin at 2:43. Not a PR but an acceptable time.


Almost there!
Thank you Photo-Ops for the picture 🙂

Hubby crossed the finish line 5 minutes after. I normally cross the finish line 10-15 minutes earlier than him but this time he managed to keep up. Good job my love!

After the race, we had breakfast with our peers. I love this group.

We are now looking forward to participating in more events. 

Gotta go for now. Time for my recovery run. Ciao!









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  1. Congratulations on your comeback! Good to see familiar faces on the road again! 😉 Ey, thanks for the pizza blowout!

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