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First Bike Training in Nuvali

January 5, 2014

The last time I was inside Nuvali was May 2010. I was running its roads and trails trying to cover 42.195kms (26.2miles). This was the first The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. My first Full Marathon. Remember that blog? It was quite an experience.

Friday evening, I received a text message from teammate Lianne Yao inviting us to join them for a bike ride in Nuvali. I eagerly replied with a resonating YES! And for the first time hubby wanted to join but his rear tire was deflated. We didn’t let that hinder our plan and made use of our brand new bike pump. Fresh from Rock ‘N Road Bike Shop. I insisted that we needed one so Noy bought one for me. Apparently, he needed it more than I did. Haha!

Because the van was in the shop we had to make do with Noy’s car. He wasn’t confident that the bike rack was stable enough to be driving 100kph in the highway so he stuck to 60-70kph. With barely any cars on the road, we made it to Nuvali in 40 mins. Not bad.

We met up with GHTT teammates Lianne, Arlyn, Teng and Shy. Orion rode ahead. Noy was a bit nervous as it will be his first time to ride with cleats. I was a bit nervous riding with pros. But you gotta do what you came here to do – I said to myself.

Teng gave us tips and strategies to make sure we last during the rode. Cadence is key. Stick to 90 per mins. Use your gears to adjust to your legs not the other way around. Spin rather than mash. During uphill climbs – regulate your breathing, shift your gear to make sure you stick to your cadence, do not bob your body as you are wasting energy, shift your hold to the handle bars. He even waited for us when we were falling behind because Noy had to stop to pump air to his rear tire. For that we are truly grateful.

First loop was done in over an hour. One loop was about 25k. Taking another loop would mean we would cover a distance of 50k. WOW! I asked myself – can I do this? My farthest distance so far was only 35k, can I last another 25? I said to myself – you gotta do what you came here to do. So I happily continued on.

Second loop. Teng went ahead to catch up with Lianne and Arlyn. These ladies mean business. We were about 9k from the turning point and they already started on the second loop. They were FAST! It was just myself, hubs and Shy. We lost Shy as hubby and I were racing against each other. He kept on swooning over his new wheel set which we got from a long time running friend, Doc Art. Upon reaching the industrial park area, we noticed that we lost our way. We were going around in circles. Haha! Well, this means additional mileage. Following some bikers from Aboitiz, we found our way back…back to the killer hill. Without Teng beside me telling me what to do, I was on my own. I grabbed the handle bars, shifted to an appropriate gear, told myself to concentrate on regulating my breathing (think Yoga, deep breathing exercises), stayed upright and looked forward. Keep your cadence at 90, kick, use the power of your legs, relax – I told myself. After a few minutes, it was over. Gave myself an imaginary pat on the back and continued my ride.

I felt ecstatic having been able to conquer that long uphill climb. And I was still ahead of hubby. But my thrill was short lived. Uhoh a fork on the road. Where do I go? I know what you’re thinking blog. I’m suppose to have a good sense of direction. Well I was distracted concentrating on my technique. I’ll do better next time. So I waited to hubby and he led us to the right direction. Yipee! We found our way back to Nuvali Blvd. And back to the parking area. Everyone was done. Teng was already mounting the bikes and the girls were having a drink at 7-11. I ran towards 7-11 just to check how my legs were during the ride. They felt like lead, but after a few meters I concluded that I can still manage maybe a 2k run. Haha! What? It was already 10am and the sun was out. Too hot to run.

You should be proud of me blog – I finished 50k without falling, without walking during the uphill climbs. Woohoo! I feel so proud of hubby though. He did not fall using his cleats and he finished the ride as well. It’s time to celebrate.


We had breakfast with the team at Army Navy. We were famished! No breakfast before a long ride can do that to you. I vow to have a bit of something before we start any training. This means – we need to wake up at least 30mins earlier. Darn… Challenging.

Thank you GHTT ladies plus Teng for the invite, the inspiration and the valuable tips! Looking forward for more team rides in the future.


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  1. Mon DP permalink

    Nice Gail. Keep it up.

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