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Swimming in Cold, Cold Water

January 30, 2014

I have been enduring swimming in cold water for about two weeks now. I have heard that there are several benefits to swimming in cold water such as increase in immune system, increase blood flow etc but I do not think it’s working out for me. I have been nursing a cough with a slight cold since the time I started swimming in this weather and in cold water. Unfortunately, it seems that I just have to endure this until the weather gets warmer. So what can one do to continue training during this cold weather in cold water?

I looked through some sites online and discovered tips which I am willing to try out of desperation. Haha!

1. Use body lotion or petroleum jelly

A tip which I learned from Glenda, a fellow runner and triathlete. Tried it once and it seemed to have worked. I haven’t tried it in this new venue though.

2. Double your swim cap

Odd but they say that it traps heat in your head. Worth a shot.

3. Wear a wetsuit

Hey, it’s not that cold. Although hubby was seriously considering buying himself one. But settled for a rash guard instead. I gotta try wearing a rash guard too.

4. Earplugs

Not only will it keep your core temperature up but it will prevent you from experiencing vertigo (dizziness). Not sure about keeping up the temp but absolutely certain about the vertigo as per our GreenhillsTriTeam’s president resident ENT, Dr Peter Jarin.

5. Blow bubbles before taking off on your swim

When the cold water hits your face, the shock causes your lungs to contract, causing breathing problems. Go waist deep into the water and submerge your face to blow bubbles. This helps alleviate the shock of the cold water. Taken from

6. Keep on moving.

Now this I know. Does it help? Yep! Until I get out of the water. Brrrrr…

Anyone else willing to share tips to keeping warm while swimming?


Let’s swim!


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  1. Georg permalink

    #2 is a good hint. At least in scuba diving the most critical heat loss is via the head. That´s why in cold water diving a hoodie is most essential.

    #5 is also a good idea if your swim goggles tend to fog up.

    #6… careful. The body loses heat anyways, but you don´t feel it when you move. Better wear a shorty of even a full suit to prevent hypothermia.

    • gailcons permalink

      Thanks Georg! Willing to try ’em all 😉

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