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Swim swim swim

February 8, 2014

Swimming. I used to hate it. I hate the feeling of having to time your breath. It’s the most unnatural thing for me to do. I am foremost and first a runner. Second a biker. Barely a swimmer. But how can one be a triathlete without learning to love the water?

To build my confidence, I got myself a coach. I enrolled under Nonoy Basa. After just 3 sessions, I could feel my technique and form improve. After 6 sessions, I was able to slash my 1k time by 10 minutes. Pure joy. Hardwork but pure joy 🙂

Last weekend, I tried to swim in open water with my fave tri couple Timmy and Glenda. I was amazed that I felt comfortable and confident. However, I kept on veering to one side. That, for me, is a major issue. I realized that sighting is as important as form, technique and speed. With just a month to go before my 1st Olympic distance triathlon, I must also learn how to do proper sighting. Oh boy. So much work to be done. So little time.

Having said that, I am off to do another round of swim practice. Yes I know. I just came from one last night. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to survive in this world called triathlon training.

See you later!


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