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Two Weeks

February 24, 2014

My first open water standard distance Triathlon is two weeks away. Actually less than two weeks! I am anxious and so worried blog.


Swim 1.5k

I am still unsure if I can handle swimming in open water for probably 40-50 minutes (without panic) or more than an hour (with a lot of panic) or maybe not finishing the race all together. Oh no!!! *anxiety attack* *cold clammy hands* *panic panic panic* *deep breathing* *relaxing* *sighing*


Bike 40k

Now, am I ready for the bike portion? I do believe I can bike 40k. It shouldn’t be hard. The question really is – am I ready to bike 40k with cleats, without falling and being able to dismount without assistance or stepping on an elevated sidewalk? That’s a different story. Should I wear cleats? Or should I just wear my running shoes? Oh Lord…please help me…

Last Saturday, hubby woke me up at 430am for our scheduled brick session. Coach Ige’s program demanded (yes, I really have to put emphasis on demanded-hehe!) that I bike 60k and run 12k. I just got back from a three day trip from Myanmar the night before and I was exhausted. It was the first time that I actually did not feel like getting out of bed to train as opposed to my husband. He normally hates waking up so early to train. Good thing, I married a persistent man. He may be persistent but he sure moves really slow in the morning. Haha! We ended up leaving the house at 6am. We wanted to go to Nuvali but got stuck in horrendous traffic along EDSA for half an hour. Yes, it was traffic in EDSA due to some re-blocking work at that time. I have a photo to prove it…


Traffic along EDSA at 6am!

 Too late to go to Nuvali so we ended up in MOA instead. Oh MOA. Oh people. Oh vehicles. Oh fast bikers. I decided – No cleats. I just hope that my legs won’t be too tired to run after the bike ride. 


That’s hubby beside that huge bus…

Logged in 52k in 1 hour 58 mins, average HR 132, Max HR 157, ave cadence 73. Including stops to take photos. Haha!

Run 10k

Ahhhh, now finally…a sport where I am not necessarily good at but at least one thing I know that I can do. 

Last Saturday after my bike ride, I was able to run 10k. As expected, my legs were heavy during the 1st 5 minutes but eventually I was able to sustain the pace I wanted. I was surprised that my legs adjusted even before hitting my first kilometer. The sun was out but I was in my element so I just ran. Hubby wanted to try running without socks (just like the pros, he said) and naturally developed a blister. Eeep! 

10k run – 1 hour 10 mins, average HR 152, Max HR 166, ave speed 6:50

My tip: After the bilk leg, DO NOT WALK. Do not give in to the desire to walk. You will lose momentum and eventually you will lose your will to run. Increase your stride rate. It doesn’t matter if you’re slow as long as you’re not walking. 



After the brick session


Back to the topic. Am I ready for TriUnited 1? I honestly do not know the answer to that. I know I can swim. But is it good enough? It is as I would always say – Life threatening. I know I can bike. But can I do it without falling? I definitely know I can run. Well, at least I’m comfortable with at least one sport. 1/3 doesn’t seem like a good ratio….

I guess every beginner triathlete can relate. 



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