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Tri United Leg 1 Review Part 1 – The Day Before

March 10, 2014

Dear Blog, as I write this entry I am nursing a sore body but my experience yesterday is worth it.

As you know, I was really anxious about the open water swim event. What made it worst, was the fact that my last swim training was a week ago. I skipped the Wednesday and Friday sessions primarily due to work. I had meetings and visitors from Myanmar who I needed to entertain.

Come Saturday my anxiety level was off the charts. I was suppose to attend a friend’s wedding in Tagaytay but due to unforeseen circumstances (driver issues), I ended my morning errands late and had no time to drive down south. Hubby and I decided instead to drive to Subic early to claim our kits.

The last time hubby was in Subic was 6 to 7 years ago. Whenever we want to hit the beach we would head over to Nasugbu. I just realized that Subic had nice beaches when I joined my friends Timmy and Glenda during their swim-bike-run recon a week before Challenge. Thankfully, we had Waze to guide us where to go.

After checking in, we headed to the venue of the expo. We arrived quite late so there were less people. It was pretty organized even if the girl who assisted me kept on chatting with the person ahead of me insisting for him to open a bank account with her at AUB. Haha!


Claiming our race kits


Patiently waiting


Nice medals and trophies!

After claiming our kits, we lingered around to check out the goods that were on sale. In addition to taking more photos 🙂


Feeling the race vibes 🙂


Ooops…Sorry Ny! Haha

After checking out the goods, we went outside of the function room to look at the race maps. And there it was…my dreaded 1.5k swim. This used to be two loops. Noy would assure me that if I get tired after 750m, I can stay by the shore to rest before heading back for another 750m. This was before they changed the route to one big loop. Oh no…


Noy, with that confident smug look on his face…Grrr


Our “tags”. Noy’s race number is 278. Reminds me of my old Nextel ID 278.

After speaking with this lady from Bike King who gave us a semi shocked look when she found out that this was our first open water tri and we chose to race under the standard category, we headed out of the hotel and into town to buy supplies for tomorrow’s race.

We checked in Subic International Hotel Delta which was a stone’s throw away from Harbor Point Mall. I seriously wanted to go shopping as there were so many items on sale. But seeing Noy’s disapproving look made me think otherwise. Haha!

After our brief visit to the mall, we headed back to the hotel to fix our stuff for the race. Inside the packet was our race bib, race number for the helmet and a sticker for the top tube. I seriously did not know where to place the sticker. The girl said it had to be visible on the top tube so I placed it on the side. Seeing the bikes of others during the event made me realize that my choice was an odd one. Hahaha!


This is where I placed my top tube sticker.


His and hers. Obviously, my box is the organized one.


Noy’s baby is all set


All set!

After our preparations, we headed to Subic Bay Yatch Club to meet up with our Greenhills Tri Teammates for dinner. Since Noy and I were pretty new to the team, we got acquainted and re-acquainted with some members. I learned that Majul and Candy joined the standard distance too. Yipee!

My swim coach, Nonoy Basa called to check on me. He knows that I was dreading the open water swim and gave me some tips:

1. Stay a few meters away from the buoy. I envisioned 10meters. Work your way in towards the buoy when the crowd thins. In this manner, you will not get carried away by the crowd and can overtake slow swimmers.

2. Relax. Think long and focus on your strokes.

3. Sight every 5-6 strokes.

4. Look down and keep your head under as to reduce drag.

5. Enjoy and take it easy. Do not panic.

When I got back to the table, Noy asked me why Nonoy did not call him. Jealous much? Hahaha!

After dinner, we had our team photo taken. Then headed back to the hotel to get some good night’s rest.


Greenhills Tri Team at Subic Bay Yatch Club

To be continued…


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    Hi. Please tell them about the sea lice

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