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My Cobra IronMan 70.3 Experience Part 1

August 6, 2014

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure. -George Edward Woodberry

How did I get here?

A year ago, I was amazed that a friend of mine, Anthony Mejilla,competed and successfully finished the Cobra IM70.3 edition. You see Anthony did not know how to swim. Together with Janis, a common friend of ours, we forced him to enroll with us at Aqualogic in Makati Shang just so we can share the experience and have someone pay for our after training drinks. Haha! So from someone who didn’t know how to float on his back he actually survived and finished 1.9k swim, 90k bike and a 21k run. Amazing!

I was equally impressed and inspired by the stories of my friends Jet Paiso and Rico Villanueva. They also finished previous Cobra IM70.3 races. I remember them saying – If we can do it so can you.

So as soon as registration opened I found myself signing up for the race that will change our lives forever.

Day 1

Flashback to August 1, the day we flew to Cebu to start our journey. To say that hubby and I were excited was an understatement. Nothing could ruin my mood. Not even the unintentional debit that the bank made to my account, not even my missing Timex watch. Nothing. Until we got to the airport. You see I rarely take Cebu Pacific. Not because I don’t like their service. It’s because I like earning miles from flying with PAL or SQ. But I always make sure that I check in online a day before my scheduled flight. Makes life easier. PAL has a dedicated lane for web check in folks where they can drop their baggages.

When we got to Terminal 3, the place was packed! It took us 20 minutes just to get inside the airport. Oh boy…

Off to the airport we go!

Off to the airport we go!

Apparently, Cebu Pacific does not have a dedicated lane for baggage drop and we had to queue as well. So much for online check in.


Hubby trying to keep his cool.


Hey it’s Anthony! We are taking the same flight.

After probably more than an hour of waiting, our flight was directed to the Last Call Counter. A lady took our tickets, processed it, called our names to issue our boarding passes and take our luggage. With 20 minutes to spare before our scheduled departure, we headed towards our assigned gate to get ready for boarding. I saw my swim coach Noy Basa and his fiance Eva. He looked pretty ticked off as well. Jet Paiso and I were also taking the same flight. I was getting really excited again seeing all these triathletes headed to Cebu. Finally, it was time to board. I still didn’t see Anthony.

Cebu Pac make sure you don't lose any bikes. A lot of   triathletes will be pissed.

Cebu Pac make sure you don’t lose any bikes. A lot of triathletes will be pissed.

Cebu Cebu Cebu! We made it. The reception was amazing! We were greeted by a cultural dancers and a live band.

Anthony did not make in on the same flight! Cebu Pac bumped him and other passengers to the next flight. Oh no…

IMG_0480 IMG_0489 IMG_0487 IMG_0482 IMG_0484

Triathletes in the house!

Triathletes in the house!

I was fortunate to have a private shuttle pick us up as arranged by my office’s Cebu branch. There was a long queue and some had to wait for some time to get picked up by Shangri-la Mactan’s shuttle.

After checking in and meeting up with roomies Janis and Eric, Noy’s wanted to check out the expo to look for a spare tire. Smart, he forgot his spare at home. Janis will be participating in Sunday’s event as well. She will do the swim leg of their relay team.

The expo was massive with so many people! I bought IronMan goodies for the kids and myself. The duffel bag was a steal at P2,490. I saw my Greenhills Tri Teammates. There were more than 25 of us competing this weekend. Woah! Unfortunately, there were no inexpensive tires on sale so Noy had to wait til the next day to get himself one.

Noy's dream bike

Noy’s dream bike

We had our trusty bike mechanics from Rock ‘N Road assemble our bikes before hitting the beach for an open water swim. Our swim was very pleasant.

The waters near Shangrila Mactan were pristine. You can actually see the corals, schools of fishes swimming. Janis and I had a grand time while wondering where Noy was. Apparently, my brave husband decided to swim half of the course. Swimming had always been his strongest event.

The carbo loading party was slated for that evening. We donned our casual outfits and headed for the golf course. My teammate Bryan Ermac said that Sunrise Events really know how to throw a party. And he was telling the truth. There was live entertainment that actually reminded me of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval.


With old friends Jet and Vic


With Edith from Team Endure


Beeps and Paolo look like they are having fun 😉


Janis and I dancing the night away.


With some of my teammates




And the crowd goes wild when the dancers got off the stage to mingle with us.


The boys love Cebu!


Hubby looks like he’s having fun.

IMG_0494 The boys enjoined and so did the girls 🙂 After the party, we made our way back to the room. I was feeling sick. Felt like I was catching a cold. Noy got worried that he put socks on my cold legs and made me wear the hotel robe to keep me warm. Day 1 is finally over.


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