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Post-Race Blues

August 27, 2014

It’s been more than 3 weeks after my IM70.3 debut and I must admit that during the first few weeks after my big event, I felt down, discontented and disappointed. It’s an odd feeling as I have never felt like this not even after my first full marathon. 

How does one deal with post-race blues?

I am not an expert but what worked for me may also work for you.

1. Allow yourself to recover

Odd thing to say coming from someone who ran 10k two days after the race. But seriously after that run I realized that I should let my body recover. It didn’t mean that I had to stop working out. It meant that my regular 1.5hr spins became 45mins; my 3k swim became 1.5k and my 10k runs became 45mins easy running. It allowed my body to still get that rush of endorphins without the stress that comes from a hard workout.

2. Indulge in other activities during your free time

Appreciation of your free time would do you good. I was able to drive my son to school. Bring him with me to swim practice. Visit my uncle and sister. Do the grocery without rushing. Read a good book. 

I plan to go camping with my children one weekend and hike up a mountain soon.

3. Look for photos of yourself during the race – relive the moments and move on

Relive the experience. Imagine yourself there in moments permanently etched in your memory. Look at your medal. Reminisce with triathlete friends who were also present during the race. Take note of what you couldn’t done differently and move on. Do not dwell in the negative.

4. Socialize

Meet up with family and friends. Drink, eat, laugh and be merry. 

5. Set a new goal

This worked very well for me. I signed up for two more triathlon events, both before the year ends and I am looking forward to conquering Cobra IM70.3 once again.



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  1. Yehay!!!! I’m sooo happy!!!!! Cebu ulit next year!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

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