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January 3, 2015

I’ve been meaning to write my 2015 resolutions on Facebook but I realized that it is more appropriate to do it on this blog. Why? Because it’s freaking long that’s why. Haha! Each has its own explanation of sorts to remind me why I am doing it. I hope to God that I am able to stick to it the whole year round.

1. Be more patient. Slow to anger.
I have to admit, I am a very impatient person. Providing repetitive instructions irritates me. I’ve told you once, told you twice and you still don’t get it, my blood pressure shoots up. My husband always calls my attention whenever this happens. Patience really is a virtue and a way to release oneself from stress.

2. Pray more.
I find peace in reading the bible and praying the rosary. I should do this more often.

3. Give more.
I learned from a friend that there were over 1,000 people affected by a fire that broke out New Year’s Day morning. People who lost everything. We had a financially challenging 2014 as we had make investments as well as pay mortgages not to mention discovering a very expensive sport – Triathlon. I attended a Christmas party with mass being celebrated as an opening to the party. What the priest said during his homily stuck to me. It is not how much you give but what is left with you that matters. So off we went to the grocery to buy water for the victims of the fire and drop it off at the Apolonio Samson barangay hall in QC.

4. Procrastinate less.
I have to admit again. This is one of my worse traits. I move errands back until the very last minute which increases my stress level a hundredfold. From Chito’s homework to paying the bills, making business reports and others. I know it can be done because I don’t do this at work and during my training days – well I may skip a workout or two or three – haha!

5. Little white lies are still lies so I plan to lessen saying these as well.
Noy: where are you? Me: I’m on the road when I am actually still at home. Haha!

6. Love more. Trust more.
Both are something that you give for free. Can one exist without the other? I honestly don’t think so. Love makes the world go round đŸ™‚

7. Eat healthier.
This is more achievable than Eat Healthy. Healthier means – lesser processed food, lesser potato chips, lesser cakes. Oh how can one live? Gail – I said lesser, not zero. Oh ok ok. This is achievable.

8. Be more active in family gatherings.
Training can be a bitch. You miss out on a lot of family time. It also doesn’t help that you are married to a once sociable person turned introvert turned exec MBA student. Gasp! And seriously, Noy and I are joined at the hip so if he doesn’t go, there’s a huge chance that I won’t be there either. So when he says, I’m lazy to go to the neighbor’s house during a family event, I’ll most probably just stay home with him. But family is family and you get your source of laughter and valuable insights from them so this year, I plan to attend as much fam events as I can.

9. Spend less on unimportant or “for show” items.
Bags, shoes, watches, clothes. These are essentials to a degree. Of course you won’t survive with just one bag. How will it go with your different clothes and shoes? I am not a hypocrite. I enjoy small luxuries such as designer bags, shoes and clothes. BUT I am practical by purchasing items on sale, those which I can get on installment as well as those which I can purchase WITHIN MY MEANS. You do need a few pieces to satisfy your curiosity why people “go gaga” on these items. This year though, I will avoid purchasing items which I do not need. I do not need inverted triangles, double-G, L and Vs to be happy. I will live simply.

Now, bike upgrades – this is a different story. Hey, these are essentials! A comfortable bike saddle is needed for long rides, an aero hydration system too. Oh don’t get me started why I need carbon wheelset. Ay Caramba! Erase erase! Off to a bad start. Haha!

10. Always share or pass on the credit.
It’s a great feeling hearing the words – Oh, it’s Gail idea. Oh Gail did it all by herself. I always hear these words from my family, friends and co-workers. While I bask in the glory of it all to feed my huge ego, I really need to start passing the credit on to someone else. Maybe Noy for driving me to the grocery to get the essential items needed for a family trip (I always end up buying the supplies and being the advanced party. This is the only way I can be assured that we will have a stress free out of town family vacation. Haha! I am OC that way.) or to Ben who got out of the computer so I can print my Lola’s ticket or to someone else. Because fact of the matter is, I am not a superwoman. And knowing this will encourage me to be try to be a better me everyday. It sounds weird I know but I guess I am wired differently.

11. Be less judgmental.
I have an opinion on almost about anything. The way people act while in church; the way they carry themselves during meetings etc. While this is sometimes needed in business to read other people and strategize next move, I will have to lessen doing this and tell myself – You shouldn’t care. It’s their life not yours.

12. Try harder.
I will try harder to – run, swim, bike faster. Be a better parent. Be a better mentor. Be a better teacher. Be a better person. Be a person open to criticisms. Be more organized. And so on. This will be my last resolution because it probably encompasses those that I was not able to include. Whenever I assess my performance and mark it as mediocre, I will remember these words – TRY HARDER.

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